[Chicago Slices raw : Stan Hollenbeck]

This video contains raw footage for the television show "Chicago Slices." In this video, Ben Jarovsky interviews Stan Hollenbeck, publicist for Joz's LaunderBar, a combination laundromat and bar.

00:00Copy video clip URL Open on Stan Hollenbeck performing the song “Desperado” outside of Joz’s LaunderBar. This lasts for several minutes.

02:35Copy video clip URL Upon finishing the song, Hollenbeck shows interviewer Ben Jarovsky how to play an F chord. Hollenbeck then begins to talk about growing up in Chicago near Wrigley Field. He goes on to say that he went to high school with Bill Ayers of the 1960s radical group the Weather Underground. Hollenbeck talks about being a ’60s radical and his involvement in politics. He states that he’s traveled closer to the center in his politics over the years. Hollenbeck also talks about his work as a Democratic Precinct Captain and his family’s involvement in Chicago politics. He goes on to talk about his work in public relations as well. This lasts for several minutes.

08:38Copy video clip URL Hollenbeck talks about some of his clients in his PR work. He goes on to talk about a specific case about a client he met during a Rod Blagojevich campaign who wanted to create a database for people interested in sexless marriages. Hollenbeck and Jarovsky eventually switch seats. He continues to talk about the development of the database and the media frenzy it created.

16:12Copy video clip URL Jarovsky asks Hollenbeck about the LaunderBar. The two decide to take a stroll through the LaunderBar. Hollenbeck talks about his work in publicizing the laundromat/bar. “Music, food, and fun while you get your laundry done.” He goes on to say, “The reason I like this is that it’s such an unusual concept. I don’t think, as I said, it’s so Chicago: doing your laundry and drinking and listening to music in the other room is a great idea.” Hollenbeck goes on to talk about the PR world. This lasts for several minutes.

20:47Copy video clip URL Hollenbeck talks about a verbal confrontation he once had with a CNN reporter about the sexless marriage case. This lasts for several minutes.

23:13Copy video clip URL When asked about his hopes for a large client, Hollenbeck states that he would love to have a large client to work with to make some good money, but also says that he does enjoy his work with smaller businesses and campaigns. He goes on to talk about his work in the Chicago mayoral elections. Hollenbeck states that the city is in a real crossroads and that the next election should be interesting. He voices his concerns about the “pin stripe patronage” taking place in Chicago politics but states that he’s not against patronage for the common man. The two then begin to make their way out of the laundromat portion of the building. They stop in front of a few pieces of exercise equipment inside of the laundromat. Hollenbeck talks about the advantage of having this type of equipment at the facility. The two then take a stroll through the neighborhood.

28:30Copy video clip URL Hollenbeck continues to talk about his work in political campaigns. He had worked for former politician and current inmate Jimmy Wells. Hollenbeck says that he wish Wells had taken his advice. He talks about the case in detail. This lasts for several minutes.

31:42Copy video clip URL Hollenbeck talks about his PR work in the 44th ward with Jimmy Wells. Hollenbeck goes on to talk about Congressman Dan Rostenkowski’s current charges of mail fraud. The two go on to talk about impulsive Chicago politician Dick Mell, a longtime feuder with current Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. This lasts for several minutes.

35:00Copy video clip URL When asked what was the dumbest thing one of his clients has ever done, Hollenbeck talks about one of his clients named Chester, who did not pose for a picture for one of Jarovsky’s articles. The two eventually arrive back at the LaunderBar.

36:25Copy video clip URL Jarovsky talks about Chester, a Polish bar owner who had received a number of complaints about the type of crowd he drew into his bar. After Hollenbeck worked his magic and spun the story, he made Chester out to have been the victim of some anti-Polish sentiment. Hollenbeck and Jarovsky talk about the case in a little more detail. The tape ends shortly afterward.

38:27Copy video clip URL Tape ends.


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  1. I would love to have this footage for my collection.

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