[Chicago Slices raw: The Slick Boys #1]

THE SLICK BOYS: 3 Cabrini Green cops that rap: ERIC DAVIS, JAMES MARTIN, and RANDY HOLCOMB SR. Interviews at Oz Park while they coached little league baseball, in Cabrini's neighborhoods and parks, in police station, grocery store, and rapped with children on playground. Interview with Asst. Manager MIKE MERRILL.

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll police station, kids rap, talk to camera.

01:30Copy video clip URL Exterior police station.

01:37Copy video clip URL Interior police station

01:42Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. Stop/re-start digitizing.

01:44Copy video clip URL Police officer at public park baseball field explains youth anti-drug program and talks about the little league baseball game between Cabrini Green and Robert Taylor.

03:27Copy video clip URL Interview question: How did the Slick Boys get started? The officer tells of his background.

05:34Copy video clip URL The officer introduces some of the kids and the teams playing.

08:53Copy video clip URL The Slick Boys coach the kids.

10:10Copy video clip URL B-roll of the officers playfully motivating the kid players as kids pack up to leave the field.

11:35Copy video clip URL B-roll, wide shot of the playing field.

11:38Copy video clip URL B-roll of the Slick Boys talking to the kids.

12:33Copy video clip URL Officers in car traveling through city. One introduces himself as Randy “Faheem.”  Interview questions: Do you operate together (work together, rap together)? How do you explain what you do (motivate kids to stay in school, avoid drugs)? What’s the reaction of the police department? Have you always been in Cabrini Green?

17:00Copy video clip URL Camera audio levels drop. B-roll of the officers driving down a street. Continue interview questions about the neighborhood.

19:26Copy video clip URL The officers stop at a grocery store. The owner is a supporter of the Slick Boys. They commune with neighborhood residents and the shop owner. Interview with owner Tyson, What do you think about the Slick Boys? (They don’t sing for themselves, they sing for the community.) Interview with Ice Mike, the Slick Boy’s assistant manager. Slick Boys playfully interact with each other and with the camera. They go upstairs to see Sam, another owner of the supermarket.

24:05Copy video clip URL Establishing shot of the grocery store interior.

24:10Copy video clip URL B-roll of Slink Boys hanging outside the supermarket fraternizing with community members.

25:04Copy video clip URL The officers get back into their car for a tour of Cabrini Green. They stop and talk with community members, talk about a recent community Picnic for Peace and all the things Slick Boys have done for the neighborhood.

29:17Copy video clip URL Interview with kids about Slick Boys. One kid raps. Officers fraternize with community members about the picnic.

32:30Copy video clip URL B-roll of officers getting out of car, walking to police station (North Section). They are greeted by children who rap for them.

35:05Copy video clip URL The officers head into the office, check messages.

35:25Copy video clip URL The officers enter the roll call room and the Tactical unit room.

36:32Copy video clip URL Officer Davis on the phone; Faheem on the phone.

37:30Copy video clip URL Officer Davis shows a room of bicycles confiscated in a drug bust and now used by police officers on patrol in the community. Interview question: When are we going to see you rap?

38:40Copy video clip URL B-roll of the office.

38:48Copy video clip URL Police officers take the bikes out on patrol, riding through the station. They exit the police station and ride out on patrol.

40:00Copy video clip URL Interview with maintenance worker about the Slick Boys and their value to the community.

41:08Copy video clip URL B-roll of  the Slick Boys on bikes heading out into the community, various wide shots and close ups.

42:50Copy video clip URL Kids and adults in a playground talking about the Slick Boys and how they’ve made a difference in the community.

44:42Copy video clip URL B-roll of the Slick Boys on bikes.

44:54Copy video clip URL Interview with a kid on the street: “Tell me about the Slick Boys.”

46:04Copy video clip URL The Slick Boys patrol the streets, riding bikes, fraternizing with the community. They engage in a playful conversation with one man about a weightlifting competition.

49:37Copy video clip URL Interview with the Slick Boys. They introduce themselves: Randy Holcomb (Faheem), James Martin (E Murph), Eric Davis (21), and Mike Merrill the assistant manager. Interview questions: Tell me about the Slick Boys (what’s the mission). Are you on duty today? (They describe their job with the police.) What’s your background? (CTS worker, military, professional athlete, airline employee.) What’s your motivation? How did the Slick Boys get started?

55:12Copy video clip URL The Slick Boys prepare to rap for a group of neighborhood kids.

55:37Copy video clip URL END TAPE.



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