[Chicago Slices raw: Tracy Williams]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a series documenting life in and around Chicago. This video features an interview with Tracy Williams, who recently moved from California to Maywood, Illinois. She tells stories about the differences between living in Southern California and Chicago. Hers is followed by several shorter interviews asking people about their love of hot dogs, ending at Gospel Fest in Grant Park.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tracy Williams sits in her house and begins to talk about some basic differences between Chicago and California.

01:30Copy video clip URL Williams introduces herself, explaining that she is 26 and recently moved from Orange County, California to Maywood, Illinois after 15 years of living in southern California. She talks about her career aspirations. She and videomaker Deb Ellis decide to go outside and take a walk behind her house.

04:33Copy video clip URL Williams reintroduces herself, explains why she called Chicago Slices and again talks about some of the differences between California and Chicago. She says that people in Chicago aren’t afraid to be individuals, that they read more, and that she really likes Chicago. She has learned to take a coat everywhere, and goes on to describe her first winter.

09:14Copy video clip URL Williams talks about the neighborhoods of Chicago, characterizing it as very different from the “melting pot” of southern California, where it’s more about how much money one makes. Ellis and Williams discuss accents and the way people talk. Williams describes Chicago as more conservative, racist, and divided.

12:22Copy video clip URL Williams admits that she was born in Michigan and lived there for 10 years, and then laughs, “My cover’s blown!” She proceeds to say that she missed the Midwest because people are much less personable in California.

14:35Copy video clip URL Williams chats about the men in Chicago, saying that if you can’t talk sports, you are limited. She describes a date with a guy who led her around by holding her hand. She meets guys by going out with her friend, Betty. She says that she’s outgoing and that this attracts guys.

17:40Copy video clip URL Williams says that the pizza and Italian food are incredible in Chicago, and also gets excited about Italian beef and beer. She says the guys here can be really attractive and they are usually not conceited like the men in California.

20:50Copy video clip URL Williams tells some stories about her experiences with street musicians and getting lost on the “L.” She says people are more willing to help you out on the street in Chicago. She says that Chicago is not as laid back as Los Angeles, but not as crazy and violent as New York, and that she likes it and thinks she’ll stay.

25:20Copy video clip URL Williams tells the story of how she went to the outer suburbs to a mall, and everyone was wearing cowboy hats and flannel shirts, describing it as, “Garth Brooks-ville.”

27:00Copy video clip URL Williams and Ellis go back around the house and into the front door. She introduces her uncle and her cousin, Naema. Betty is also inside, and continues the story about their experiences in the Fox Valley Mall in Aurora. Williams goes into more detail about how she ended up in a conversation with a group of people at the mall.

31:40Copy video clip URL Driving in the car, Ellis and Tobi Johnson laugh and joke around. They stop so Ellis can sit on the door to tape the neighborhood.

37:00Copy video clip URL A couple of guys talk about hot dogs, saying that Chicago style hot dogs do not allow ketchup.

39:04Copy video clip URL Cut to Gospel Fest in Grant Park, where a man claims that Gold Coast Hot Dogs are the best. He says that he likes mustard, relish, and sometimes mushrooms, if the hot dog is barbecued.

41:40Copy video clip URL Another man says he likes “everything on it, hold the pickle.” Another guy joins in and they recommend Ducks at Erie and Ashland. They explain that they’re working at the festival selling programs, and then get right to work.

44:40Copy video clip URL A woman recommends mustard and ketchup with a sesame seed bun. She mentions The Patio on Taylor Street and about five other places she likes best. She then talks about Gospel Music, saying she likes the Rutledge Sisters.

47:55Copy video clip URL A group of kids gravitate toward the camera and shout out their hot dog preferences. They all take turns listing their favorite toppings, then talk briefly about the Rutledge Sisters.

51:00Copy video clip URL Ellis walks behind the stage during National Anthem at Petrillo Band Shell, and the tape ends with shots of people clapping and dancing to the opening act.

55:44Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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