[Chicago Slices raw: Transitions]

TRANSITIONS: faces and street scenes

00:00Copy video clip URL B-Roll footage of buildings and statues in downtown Chicago, followed by footage of cars on a busy street, and people walking along sidewalks. Teenagers pose, wave and dance in front of the camera. A crossing guard directs traffic. A street musician plays the guitar. Other musicians perform for a small crowd outside of the Art Institute. A girl talks about a life-size doll she is building. Another street musician plays the saxophone on the sidewalk. A group of protesters carry picket signs and speak into a megaphone as they march across a busy street. Towards the end of the video, the cameraman switches to a car and shoots Chicago streets and storefronts from the passenger seat while driving around. There is also footage of children playing on a playground.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open to the Sears Tower (Willis Tower) and the Chicago skyline on Michigan Avenue south of Congress Parkway. Shot from Grant Park.

0:16Copy video clip URL Statue of a Greek goddess in Grant Park. Two girls eat lunch in front of a mural. Shot of the Hilton Hotel on Michigan Avenue from Grant Park north Balbo Avenue.

0:46Copy video clip URL Traffic on Michigan Avenue. Outside Columbia College. Students address the camera.

2:05Copy video clip URL Camera looks inside a restaurant. Pedestrians in a crosswalk. The Bowman and the Spearman sculptures.

3:28Copy video clip URL Between Michigan and Wabash on Van Buren. Various shots looking north on Michigan Avenue.

4:02Copy video clip URL Shot of the front facade of the Art Institute. Pedestrians at Jackson and Michigan. Video of a traffic policewoman.

6:19Copy video clip URL Shot of the cover of “Lost Chicago” by David Lowe in a storefront. Back to pedestrians on the sidewalk on Michigan Avenue. Cameraman walks north on Michigan Avenue from Jackson to Adams. A woman holds a sign protesting apartheid in South Africa. Pedestrians climb aboard a double decker bus.

8:18Copy video clip URL Front facade of the Art Institute. Cameraman records an electric guitar busker on Michigan Avenue across from the Art Institute.

10:29Copy video clip URL Cameraman cross Michigan Avenue and records an upright bass guitar and acoustic guitar duo on the steps of the Art Institute. The bassist is dressed like a pirate. They play the blues. A group of people sit on the Institute’s front steps.

13:55Copy video clip URL Video of the lion sculpture outside the Institute. Three young men hackysack across the street. Various shots from Michigan Avenue. The cameraman interviews a young woman. She holds a novelty wooden leg. Shots of another busker. He plays an electric saxophone.

18:18Copy video clip URL A group of people protesting U.S. involvement in Serbia on Michigan Avenue. Shot of the Fort Dearborn memorial statues at Michigan and Wacker. Bongo playing busker.

21:20Copy video clip URL Cameraman stands on the Michigan Avenue bridge over the Chicago River.

21:40Copy video clip URL Cut to video recorded from inside a car. They drive past houses in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

22:12Copy video clip URL They drive under the elevated railroad tracks over Grace Street headed east toward Broadway Avenue.

23:12Copy video clip URL They turn onto Broadway Avenue heading south.

24:37Copy video clip URL Cut across the intersection. They pass a Walgreens, Treasure Island, and a Starbucks.

25:19Copy video clip URL Cut across the intersection. They pass Cafe Milan at Broadway Street and West Buckingham Place.

25:53Copy video clip URL Cut across the intersection. They continue down Broadway.

27:24Copy video clip URL They turn onto Diversey heading west at the Clark, Broadway, and Diversey intersection.

28:41Copy video clip URL They pass under the elevated railroad tracks on Diversey. Jump cut across the intersection.

29:05Copy video clip URL Camera turns left (south) on a residential street. Jump cut. They turn back onto Diversey (?)

34:10Copy video clip URL At a large intersection. Jump cut away. On another route. Shots of a Metra train leaving the Northbrook train station.

35:32Copy video clip URL Shot of a University of Chicago 100th Anniversary plaque, a “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” sticker, a city parking permit, and a county parking permit.

36:04Copy video clip URL Children playing in a park.

38:06Copy video clip URL Sign for H and S Meat Market, White Castle, and a “Checks Cashed” sign. A hotdog mural at Elston and Damen. Awning for WPWR-TV 50.

39:02Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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