[Chicago Slices raw: Wanda And Lilli #1]

This tape is a raw interview shot for "Chicago Slices." Valjean McLenighan interviews her mother and godmother, Wanda McLenighan and Lilian Bender. The two women, who have been friends since 1914, travel to their old neighborhood and talk about their childhood growing up in the Ukranian Village. Wanda and Lilian go on to visit the schools that they attended during their childhood and teenage years. Later in the video, the three women eat lunch at a Polish restaurant.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with footage from the exterior and surrounding area of 401 W. Fullerton, a Lincoln Park residential building. Valjean McLenighan gathers some footage from around the area before making her way into the apartment complex.

01:28Copy video clip URL McLenighan walks into the residential building and is greeted by her godmother Lilian Bender. McLenighan, Bender, and the door person make conversation while they wait for Wanda McLenighan to make her way downstairs. Bender talks about what the three plan to do for the day.

07:00Copy video clip URL Wanda McLenighan arrives in the lobby. Valjean asks her mother to explain what they will be up to that day. Wanda states, “Oh we’re taking pictures of Lilli’s and my life.”

09:15Copy video clip URL Valjean gathers footage of the two women making their way over to her car. Wanda and Lilian announce that they are first headed to Wanda’s old neighborhood.

11:08Copy video clip URL When they arrive at Wanda’s childhood street, the two women walk hand in hand down the block towards Wanda’s old house. Wanda talks about her family life with Lilian as Valjean gathers footage. A construction worker can be heard swearing in the background. Vajean asks her mother about some of her fondest memories from living in her childhood home. Both Wanda and Lilian recount their pasts and comment on the changes to the neighborhood over the years. Valjean gets some footage of the lush, tree lined streets while the two women walk with each other. They also make a little conversation with a police officer.

29:08Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Wanda and Lilian in the backseat of the car reminiscing about their time spent in the neighborhood. They eventually begin to make their way over to Lilian’s childhood home.

31:02Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Lilian’s old neighborhood. Lilian does a little reminiscing about her childhood while sitting in the backseat of the car. Valjean continues to gather footage of the neighborhood. Wanda also shows us where her high school boyfriend lived.

37:34Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of the two ladies in front of St. Helens School on Augusta Blvd. Both Wanda and Lilian received their elementary education at this school. They reminisce about the fun they had while in grade school. This lasts for several minutes before the three women leave to go get lunch. Lilian expresses her interest in getting Polish food.

50:36Copy video clip URL The three women arrive on West Division Street and make their way over to the Podhalanka Restaurant to dine on some authentic Polish food. Inside, the women take a seat and place their order with a waiter who speaks to them in Polish. Wanda and Lilian order cabbage soup and meat pierogies. Valjean continues to gather footage of the restaurant while the two ladies enjoy their lunch.

58:06Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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