[Chicago Slices raw: Wanda and Lily]

LUNCH W/ WANDA McLENIGHAN and LILIAN BENDER: lunch at Marshall Field's Walnut Room and discuss the secrets to a friendship that has lasted 80 years so far.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg greets Lilian Bender and Wanda McLenighan at Marshall Field’s.

00:43Copy video clip URL They walk through the department store and take the elevator to the Walnut Room.

01:25Copy video clip URL Inside the elevator Tom and the ladies chat.

01:46Copy video clip URL B-roll of the ladies with Tom in the elevator. They chat about how long the ladies have known one another (since 1914). They exit the elevator and walk to the Walnut Room dining hall.

04:37Copy video clip URL The group proceeds to their table. The group chit chats.

06:30Copy video clip URL B-roll of the ladies at the table. They order drinks.

06:52Copy video clip URL Tom says that he used to come to the Walnut Room with his grandmother but hasn’t been in 40 years. They each reminisce about the history of the Walnut Room, the holiday decorations, the giant Christmas tree, how the building has been rehabbed. Wanda mentions she came here every day and shares information about her early years working downtown and how downtown has changed.

11:20Copy video clip URL Drinks delivered.

11:53Copy video clip URL Wanda comments to the videographer how the cameras have changed over the years.

12:26Copy video clip URL Tom gets the ladies talking about their history, where Lilian used to work.

12:54Copy video clip URL They toast to good health.

13:14Copy video clip URL Wanda comments on the great health they both have experienced, never had an operation.

13:31Copy video clip URL The ladies talk about how they met in the first grade in 1914.

15:00Copy video clip URL Wanda mentions their husbands were good friends. Lilian describes the hard times she had raising two kids when her husband died 46 years ago.

16:59Copy video clip URL The group discusses what to order for lunch, joke around. The ladies try to help Tom with his hearing problem and share how their respective hearing problems were helped.

21:59Copy video clip URL The ladies talk about the favorite men in their lives.

22:31Copy video clip URL They order lunch, chat with the waitress.

26:06Copy video clip URL The ladies talk about Chicago Slices and some of the other programs they’ve watched and talk about some of the episodes with Tom.

28:05Copy video clip URL The group talks about two family restaurants in the area that are personal favorites.

28:24Copy video clip URL Interview question: Why do you come here [to the Walnut Room]?

28:55Copy video clip URL Take 2 of the ladies’ answer to Tom’s question. They talk about how there are so few places around for relaxed dining, everything else is so rushed.

30:50Copy video clip URL Wanda half-jokes that when she and Lilian first started coming to Marshall Field’s they couldn’t make it past the first floor, it was too expensive. They love shopping at the department store and lunching at the Walnut Room for convenience. Lilian tells a story of how good Marshall Field’s customer service is.

33:00Copy video clip URL The ladies talk about how very few places are as they were in the “good old days.”

34:04Copy video clip URL Wanda shares the kind of things she and Lilian talk about when together after 80 years.

35:14Copy video clip URL Wanda comments on how many things have changed in their lifetime: ice boxes, ice men delivering ice, and the introduction of the refrigerator.

37:17Copy video clip URL The ladies talk about living in the same apartment building. The rent is high, but there’s a lot of security.

38:55Copy video clip URL They talk about life in the old neighborhood years ago.

39:25Copy video clip URL Wanda describes the dining room at an old restaurant and the seals at the zoo (their favorite zoo exhibit).

42:45Copy video clip URL The table discusses Tom’s children.

43:09Copy video clip URL Wanda shares that she once worked for a man who has two boys attending the same school as Tom’s kids. The ladies talk about an amateur golfer they both knew and loved, and the memories of close friends.

45:15Copy video clip URL Lilian talks about the activities she and Wanda are involved in and that she dislikes Bob Dole. They talk about current day politics. Tom comments to the ladies: “You’ve seen so many Presidents.”

47:29Copy video clip URL Interview questions: Do you have to work at being a friend? (The ladies talk about the efforts each person must make in a friendship.) Do you ever fight? (Lilian: No. We don’t always agree, but I do not want to be angry with her. I love her dearly.) Lilian continues that she and Wanda have similar taste, and that Wanda needs to learn patience.

50:29Copy video clip URL The ladies talk about their extended friends.

51:45Copy video clip URL Lilian talks about the importance of looking towards the future rather than the past.

52:13Copy video clip URL Interview question: What are the rules you live by? (Lilian: You have to accept things in life, like getting old.) Wanda comments on feeling inadequate now. She had always been independent in her youth, but for three years now she has trouble living independently.

54:40Copy video clip URL Lilian talks about her dedication to Wanda, being with her through all her medical tests and rehabilitations.

55:30Copy video clip URL Lunch is served.

56:50Copy video clip URL B-roll of piano player and the Walnut Room in wide shot and close up.

58:14Copy video clip URL B-roll of the dining room.

59:33Copy video clip URL END TAPE.



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