[Chicago Slices raw: What The El?]

What the El. JUDY MARKEY doing setups for the segment, 9 good guessers, and cutaways out the window of the "El." One successful guesser, cutaways of the "El" and Graffiti.

00:00Copy video clip URL Judy Markey begins talking to a train rider while the camera pans around the train and then shows the view out of the window.

01:00Copy video clip URL Judy starts asking a woman questions about another rider on the train, and then inquires about the validity of the woman’s guesses.

05:00Copy video clip URL Judy and her cameraman switch to the Green Line, and there is footage of the driver operating the train.

07:00Copy video clip URL Another shot out of the window, with a view of downtown Chicago in the distance.

08:51Copy video clip URL De-boarding at a Blue Line stop, we see other passengers awaiting their trains.

09:28Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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