[Chicago Slices raw : Windy City All-Stars]

Raw footage shot for the TV series Chicago Slices. This tape features Brigid Murphy with the Windy City All-Stars, a cheerleading squad.

00:00Copy video clip URL Young members of the Windy City All-Star cheerleaders do flips and gymnastics on a fold-out pad in a park. They practice more and more complex acrobatics while their coach spots them.

09:35Copy video clip URL The cheer team welcomes the viewers to their performance on Chicago Slices with a synchronized cheer.

13:40Copy video clip URL The cheerleaders form a pyramid.

17:19Copy video clip URL Another cheer, including acrobatics. Girls get on each others’ shoulders and balance together. Then, the boys throw the girls into the air and they do more tricks. After that, we see more flips and acrobatics on the fold-out mats. Even very young children show their impressive abilities.

23:58Copy video clip URL Brigid Murphy introduces herself while the Windy City Cheerleaders continue to flip through the background. Then they all wave for the camera.

25:00Copy video clip URL Edward May, coach of the Windy City Cheerleaders, tells a bit about the group and the upcoming national cheerleading finals. Then Brigid asks some of the members to say their favorite parts of the routines. She asks them about favorite places to perform, and about injuries they’ve gotten during practices.

35:07Copy video clip URL Video ends.


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  1. carolynwatkins81@gmail.com says:

    I loved being on this team as a kid.. ABBOTT PARK WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN MY HEART.

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