[Chicago Slices raw: Women Of The Kennedy #2]

This video contains raw footage for the television show "Chicago Slices." On this tape, Skip Blumberg and Tom Weinberg interview a number of women working on the reconstruction of the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago, IL.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of a couple of construction workers at work. Blumberg asks a male employee about how he feels about being partnered with a woman. “It’s a change. I like it. It’s different… It’s a lot cleaner. The language is nice.” Blumberg then gathers footage of the female employee at work.

03:45Copy video clip URL Blumberg speaks with Gloria Fraga about her work in the construction industry. Fraga talks about her reasons for working construction, the dangers on the job, what it’s like being a female in a male dominated work world, her family, and her hopes for the future. When asked to pass along a piece of advice to drivers, Fraga says, “Drive safe and slow because we’re out here.” She also talks about her father being uncomfortable with her working construction. After the interview, Blumberg gathers more footage of Fraga hard at work. This lasts for several minutes.

14:32Copy video clip URL Cut too footage of the highway from inside of a moving car. This lasts for several minutes.

16:00Copy video clip URL The videomakers return to speak with flagger Bernice Northern. When asked what she thinks about at work, Northern states that she thinks about her home and ministry. Northern is a Jehovah’s Witness. She states that she and her fellow followers talk about the need for a government that satisfies the needs of every person and refers to it at “God’s Government.” She also states that she’s a “theocrat.” Northern goes on to talk about her family and her interactions with passing motorists. This lasts for several minutes.

27:16Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Doreen Flanagan operating a stone roller. Blumberg also gathers footage of flagger Tammi Smith. This lasts for several minutes.

39:14Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from inside of a moving car. The two videomakers are driving along the Kennedy. Downtown Chicago can be seen in the distance.

41:27Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of the streets of Lincoln Park near DePaul University. The videomakers pass by the now defunct Demon Dogs that once resided under the Fullerton Brown Line Stop of the CTA. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

43:26Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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