[Chicago Slices raw: Women’s Action Coalition]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a television series about life in Chicagoland. This video focuses on the Women's Action Coalition (WAC), an organization focused around women's issues. Videomaker Skip Blumberg tapes a WAC gathering at Carpenter and Huron in the West Loop where participants with homemade instruments play in a drum circle, and also interviews many of them about their beliefs and their cause.

00:00Copy video clip URL The tape opens with footage driving down Lake Shore Drive.

01:49Copy video clip URL A member of the organization describes the mission of Women’s Action Coalition (WAC), saying that it is about taking action rather than sitting at home and being angry about issues that affect women’s rights.

02:42Copy video clip URL Kathleen MacNamara explains that the instruments used in the WAC band are homemade, and demonstrates how to play them. The women gather on the sidewalk, many of them warming up on the drums.

05:09Copy video clip URL MacNamara explains that they’re practicing outside because of a theater group using the space inside. They begin to circle up and drum together. Blumberg speaks with another member, who describes the motives behind the event.

07:40Copy video clip URL The women create a procession over to an open muddy and grassy area across the street. MacNamara calls herself a “political performer” and says that she works at Facets Multimedia. They start performing another drum circle which continues for several minutes.

23:45Copy video clip URL They start a chant, “Women’s Action Coalition, Patriarchal Demolition” and then switch to “Women’s Action Coalition, Matriarchal Revolution.”

25:08Copy video clip URL MacNamara does a quick plug for WAC and invites women to join in on meetings and the drum circle. Blumberg asks her if things are slowing down now that the convention and march is over. She says that they’ve only been in existence since September 1992, and that some meetings are better attended than others, but they have a solid base of about 75 people. She says that they’ll be at the Gay Pride Parade with a sign saying “Feminist Radicals for a Homosexual Agenda.” She and Blumberg discuss the term “radical” and how it does and does not fit with the organization.

29:18Copy video clip URL Blumberg walks with Liz from Facets, who expresses her hope that the Children’s Film Festival not be associated with the radical movement.

30:25Copy video clip URL Blumberg takes shots of the signs outside the Randolph Street Gallery, then makes some notes to the editor.

32:20Copy video clip URL A StreetWise vendor on Michigan Avenue explains how the StreetWise organization works. He tells about how he became homeless, and then introduces his friend, who is wearing a red turban and carrying a staff. He explains that he is Muslim, and that he is a security guard.

36:00Copy video clip URL Teenagers dance in front of the camera, dressed up for their 8th grade graduation. A few of the girls list their aspirations for the future, including going to high school, practicing law, business, professional basketball, and art.

38:46Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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