Chicago Tonight: Gene Siskel remembered

A brief recap of Gene Siskel's life and career. A segment details Siskel's early career, and is followed by a panel of his professional friends who share memories and stories.

0:09Copy video clip URL Commercial from sponsor Arthur Andersen.

0:46Copy video clip URL Brief clip of individuals sharing warm thoughts about Gene Siskel, followed by the opening title for Chicago Tonight. Elizabeth Brackett introduces the segment by saying some words about Siskel’s life and career.

2:05Copy video clip URL Segment begins. Rich Samuels talks about the dynamic duo of Siskel and Roger Ebert, and a clip of Siskel joking about why the duo is called Siskel and Ebert instead of Ebert and Siskel is shown. This clip is followed by another of one of their pilot episodes, and Samuels talks further about the beginning of Siskel’s career.

3:12Copy video clip URL Micheal Sneed talks about Siskel’s pioneering nature and how he became a film critic. Segment moves on to a clip of Siskel’s show, ‘Nightwatch’. Mary Laney speaks further to Siskel’s persistence.

4:39Copy video clip URL Clip from Siskel and Ebert’s show ‘Sneak Previews’. Samuels talks about its success and Siskel’s appearances on panels talking about diverse topics.

5:45Copy video clip URL Clip of Siskel’s last broadcast: “a bad movie steals two hours out of your life, and you’re never getting it back.” Voice-over about Siskel’s surgery and his announcement of taking leave in order to recuperate.

6:32Copy video clip URL Bob Greene remembers Siskel: “It is very hard to think of a guy who lived a life any better than Gene did.” Mayor Daley also says a few words. Samuels signs off.

7:17Copy video clip URL In the studio Brackett introduces Ebert, Johnny Morris, Tim Weigel, and Thea Flaum, all friends of Siskel. The group talks about their fond memories of Siskel, and his penchant for practical jokes. Weigel shares stories from Siskel’s college years.

10:27Copy video clip URL Flaum and Ebert discuss how the duo of Siskel and Ebert came to be, and how, at first, the two did not like each other.

12:27Copy video clip URL Morris speaks to Siskel’s other hobbies. “I’m kind of the guy who got him into whatever vices he had… For any horse racing fans out there, he was a good handicapper.”

14:19Copy video clip URL Ebert talks about how they began to work together, even through their competitive spirits.

15:33Copy video clip URL Morris, Weigel, and Ebert share more funny stories about Siskel’s competitiveness.

18:18Copy video clip URL Brackett asks when Ebert realized that Siskel’s brain surgery would leave him unable to continue. “I didn’t realize that until he died.” They discuss why Siskel kept his condition quiet, and Siskel’s thoughts on death.

21:31Copy video clip URL The group shares stories about Siskel’s policy of putting family first.

23:30Copy video clip URL Ebert talks a bit about what will happen to the show without Siskel. The group then talks about life in general without Siskel.

25:21Copy video clip URL Brackett ends the program and signs off. Ending credits.

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