Chicago Tonight, no. 4211

Episode of the WTTW show Chicago Tonight, featuring segments on immigration, the film "United 93," and The Pump Room restaurant.

00:06Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Carol Marin interviewing two guests, Juan Salgado from the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant & Refugee Rights and Barry Chiswick from the University of Illinois at Chicago,  about an immigrant worker rally that happened in Chicago. Both speak to immigrant history within their families. She asks Chiswick to talk about potential negative economic impact from large numbers of working immigrants. They talk about how immigrants could be integrated into American society and workforce. They speak about border enforcement, amnesty, and employer sanctions. Marin attempts to clarify their views. Break.

15:08Copy video clip URL Phil Ponce talks about Paul Greengrass’s new film, United 93, which chronicles the events aboard United flight 93 on 9/11. He speaks with Marin about reporting on the ground from New York during 9/11. Marin talks about why she was near the World Trade Center and the experience of being there. They show several clips from the film.

28:01Copy video clip URL Break. John Callaway reports on The Pump Room restaurant, “Chicago’s favorite celebrity den.” Rick Kogan and others reminisce on the heyday of the celebrity hangout.

40:25Copy video clip URL Ponce reads some audience letters about the show. He closes out the show.

44:50Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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