Chicago Tonight: Taxes, episode 2147

This episode of Chicago tonight features an interview with former Chicago police chief Richard Brzeczek, as well as a story on a proposed new law limiting tax deductions on charitable donations.

0:00Copy video clip URL Opening credits for Chicago Tonight.

0:55Copy video clip URL Teaser for story related to taxes.

1:55Copy video clip URL Bruce DuMont is the replacement host for John Callaway tonight. Interview with former Chicago police chief Richard Brzeczek about his recent troubles. He recently ran for State’s Attorney.

3:50Copy video clip URL Interview with ex-wife, Elizabeth Brzeczek. She talks about her support of his run for public office.

5:20Copy video clip URL Richard talks about his former lover and her opinion on his race for State’s Attorney. He contrasts the supportive behavior of his ex-wife compared to the criticism of his lover.

6:45Copy video clip URL Elizabeth talks about how her husband’s departure affected her family and how it was to deal with such problems while being in the public eye.

8:30Copy video clip URL Talks about the way political allies kept or withdrew their support of him during his family troubles.

9:28Copy video clip URL Richard talks about how he was convinced to enter a hospital for psychiatric treatment.

11:10Copy video clip URL Elizabeth and Richard talk about a famous kiss between them on the night he lost the election.

12:50Copy video clip URL Elizabeth talks about how she and Richard were able to reconcile.

13:55Copy video clip URL Richard talks about how he is starting his own law firm now that he has gotten his life more in order.

15:00Copy video clip URL Richard talks about whether he would return to the police force if Jane Byrne was re-elected mayor of Chicago.

15:52Copy video clip URL Richard talks about his new confidence in himself.

16:10Copy video clip URL Host makes closing comments to Richard and Elizabeth. Station I.D.s.

17:30Copy video clip URL Story about possible tax reform limiting charitable donations.

18:10Copy video clip URL Information about Latino Youth, a charitable organization in Pilsen. This type of organization will lose much of its funding if the tax reform passes.

19:50Copy video clip URL Bigger charities such as the New City YMCA are also at risk because of the proposed plans.

20:55Copy video clip URL Marshall Monroe of the National YMCA says that this tax deduction is the only one that benefits more than the individual.

21:25Copy video clip URL Man speaks about how vital this funding is to non-profit organizations.

21:55Copy video clip URL Monroe speaks in the studio about more specific reasons why the proposed tax reform will hurt non-profits.

23:30Copy video clip URL Susan Church of United Way Chicago speaks about the magnitude of small individual donations to charitable organizations.

24:35Copy video clip URL Monroe speaks about the motivations for donors to donate to charities versus art museums or schools.

25:40Copy video clip URL Church says that donations are not necessarily related to wealth.

26:45Copy video clip URL Church explains how she advises charitable organizations to manage their finances.

27:30Copy video clip URL DuMont lists guests for next show.

27:55Copy video clip URL Closing Credits.

28:15Copy video clip URL End of Tape.



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