Chicago Tonight: What Does A Female Athlete Look Like?

A segment on Chicago Tonight featuring Elizabeth Brackett on the history of female athletes, and the new exhibit at the Chicago Historical Society: "What Does the Female Athlete Look Like? Game Face"

0:09Copy video clip URL Phil Ponce opens the segment by introducing Elizabeth Brackett and the new exhibit at the Chicago Historical Society (CHS): What Does a Female Athlete Look Like?. Brackett makes sure to remind Ponce of the rest of the title, “Game Face”, then goes on to explain a little more about what the exhibit entails.

0:34Copy video clip URL Continues to a video by Brackett talking in voice-over about the rarity of pictures showing female athletes in sports magazines, and how this manifested in the Game Face exhibit. Lonnie Bunch speaks about the exhibit’s importance.

1:37Copy video clip URL Brackett touches upon the history of women in sports and notable athletes. She then discusses the effect of Title IX, a law calling for equal opportunities for women in schools.

2:40Copy video clip URL Brackett talks about her own experiences as a female athlete at Indiana University, and interviews her previous diving coach, Hobie Billingsley, as well as Cynthia Potter.

4:16Copy video clip URL Segment moves on to discussing the state of female athleticism today. Bunch says more about what the exhibit shows about the power of female athletes, and Brackett talks about her new love of sailboat racing and triathlons.

5:14Copy video clip URL Brackett’s piece ends and Ponce interviews her about some of the points brought up in her video and her own experiences.

6:40Copy video clip URL They begin to talk about the current state of Title IX.

8:15Copy video clip URL Segment ends.

8:32Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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