Christo Umbrellas

This video has footage of Christo's yellow umbrella installation in Southern California in the early 1990s. There is some explanation of the project by an on-site worker as well as its sister project near Tokyo, Japan.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on shot of what looks like a desert from inside a car with umbrellas on the side of the road. Camera is very shaky at this point. There is a sign which says “Support our local schools at the Umbrella Farm,” which seems to be the subject of this video. The filmmaker’s companion says at one point “it’s a logistical miracle,” because there are 1760 erected umbrellas. These were erected by the artist Christo.

3:13Copy video clip URL The videomaker, Judith Binder, and her companion park and Binder soon starts talking with people about what they think about the umbrellas. Audio cuts out quite a bit while looking at umbrellas.

11:12Copy video clip URL Binder starts talking with one of the umbrella monitor. There are apparently twin sets of umbrellas in Japan that are blue as opposed to the yellow of the California ones (this is located near Gorman, CA approximately 60 miles outside of Los Angeles). There are apparently 1340 umbrellas in Japan, 60 or so miles outside of Tokyo.

22:28Copy video clip URL Binder and her companion return to the car and continue driving. He says that “it turns the landscape into an impressionistic painting…these giant umbrellas turning into flowers on the hillside.”

25:00Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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