[Citizens’ Workshop reel #1]

A meeting about land rehabilitation in Norton, VA.

00:00Copy video clip URL A group sings on stage. The tape quickly goes black. 

01:12Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: Mountain Community Television Presents Citizen Workshop Reel #1. A series of workshops conducted in Appalachia under the joint auspices of the National Wildlife Federation, Appalachian Coalition, and Virginia Citizens for Better Reclamation, under a grant from the U.S. Office of Environmental Education, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Video-taped on Saturday, June 3, 1978 at St. Anthony’s Community Center. Norton, Virginia. Dr. Mandaville, Office of Surface Mining, Technical Services.”

2:00Copy video clip URL Dr. Mandaville addresses the room. He discusses the work done by his department in the Pittsburgh area in the 1960s, where they countered decades of devastating and sometimes toxic mineral extraction and turned land about 50 miles outside the city into a recreational area. Mandaville details the procedures required to seal mines and oil drilling rigs and to rehabilitate the land, showing slides of each step. 

13:40Copy video clip URL Mandaville discusses other projects undertaken in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, including Friendship Park in Ohio and areas near Norton, VA.

15:14Copy video clip URL Mandaville explains the procedure by which Pennsylvania funded the reclamation project discussed. 

17:06Copy video clip URL Mandaville addresses a question from the audience about funding and land value. 

19:42Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: “Joseph Kovner. National Wildlife Federation.” Kovner discusses the balance between economic development and environmental protection and details the workshop’s purpose to inform citizens of what they can do to protect and rehabilitate their region after the devastation caused by surface mining. 

24:30Copy video clip URL Dr. Mandaville speaks again. 




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