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Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection. A series of Civil Defense Fund Films, all dealing with atomic energy and atomic attacks.

0:07Copy video clip URL Title: “You Can Beat the A-Bomb.” 1950s instructional film about the atomic bomb.

0:30Copy video clip URL ’50s voice over about man’s technological accomplishments, esp. nuclear power.

1:05Copy video clip URL Scientist explains Geiger counter and radioactivity to simple-minded janitor.

1:34Copy video clip URL Voice over talks about the benefits of atomic energy and research.

2:04Copy video clip URL Scientists talk about the use of radiation in sensitive measurements.

2:35Copy video clip URL Voice over discusses the atomic bomb. He encourages us to ignore that when considering atomic energy. He discusses the future of wars after the era of atomic bombs.

3:60Copy video clip URL Man explains that atomic bombs aren’t as dangerous as rumors claim.

4:45Copy video clip URL Voice over explains how atomic bomb works. He explains what to do in case of an atomic bomb attack. A family prepares the house and hides in the bomb shelter.

10:40Copy video clip URL Voice over explains what to do if outside during an atomic bomb attack or if inside and unwarned. This is also recreated with a typical American family.

14:30Copy video clip URL Voice over explains what happens if the bomb blasts in the water. Man gets exposed to radiation and shows us how to wash off.

18:05Copy video clip URL Voice over explains the hydrogen bomb.

18:25Copy video clip URL Voice over recaps the key points of the film.

18:50Copy video clip URL We are assured that peace is coming and that the atomic bomb will work for the good of mankind.

19:28Copy video clip URL Title: “Our Cities Must Fight.”

19:55Copy video clip URL Two men discuss the problem of people planning on deserting their cities in the case of a war to avoid atomic attacks. They explain why a mass evacuation is more dangerous than staying put, and also treasonous.

22:30Copy video clip URL Shots of traffic jams and people walking in Europe to show us how bad it would be if everyone tried to leave at once. All forms of transportation will be needed for aid, while every citizen will be needed to rebuild the city.

24:50Copy video clip URL Man claims that lingering radiation is not very dangerous.

25:10Copy video clip URL They also explain that in Europe, most people didn’t even want to leave their attacked city, and if they did, they came right back.

25:50Copy video clip URL Men explain the ethical reasons why it is unconscionable to leave.

27:10Copy video clip URL Man explains how difficult this time will be for Americans, but also says that the Russians are plotting against us. Asks, “Have you got the guts?”

28:56Copy video clip URL Title: “Survival Under Atomic Attack.”

29:20Copy video clip URL People pensively peer at the sky.

29:40Copy video clip URL Voice over explains the three ways the atomic bomb wreaks destruction and the principal dangers of the bomb, such as heat and flying glass. He claims that people exposed to radiation recovered completely. There are shots of Japanese happily getting medical care.

31:05Copy video clip URL Voice over explains why we cannot abandon our cities in the case of an attack.

31:50Copy video clip URL Explains how to protect your home and what to do in case of a bomb warning or attack.

38:00Copy video clip URL Title: “What You Should Know About Biological Warfare.”

38:25Copy video clip URL Voice over explains that an enemy may strike directly against the civilian population and explains the possible types of attacks.

39:10Copy video clip URL Man explains the false rumors about biological warfare.

39:50Copy video clip URL The facts about biological warfare. We learn the difference between germs, toxins, and special plant growth regulators.

40:30Copy video clip URL Compares biological warfare to regular diseases. Explains all the safeguards in place to protect our foods.

41:05Copy video clip URL Explains the ways biological warfare attacks can occur.

41:35Copy video clip URL Lists tips to help prevent contamination, such as reporting illness promptly and proper sanitation.

42:20Copy video clip URL We are encouraged not to worry if there is a biological warfare attack because scientists are already working to fix the problem. Voice over explains what would likely happen if a biological warfare attack takes place.

43:05Copy video clip URL Course of action if an attack has occurred. Basically the advice is to boil everything and cooperate with authorities.

46:05Copy video clip URL Title: “A New Look at the H-Bomb” with Val Peters.

46:30Copy video clip URL Peters explains the mechanics of a hydrogen bomb explosion and the fallout.

48:25Copy video clip URL The Facts: All atomic bombs produce radioactivity, so fallout is a major threat even to areas far from the target area.

50:10Copy video clip URL Explains what we are trying to do about the danger of atomic bombs and how to protect yourself. He urges evacuation or going deep in the ground.

51:20Copy video clip URL Explains radioactive winds and explains how to choose between evacuation and bomb shelter.

53:00Copy video clip URL Explains that you need to stock your shelter with supplies. Urges all families living in the suburbs build underground shelters.

54:20Copy video clip URL Explains that civil defense is a local issue and is different for each area.

55:00Copy video clip URL Claims that the government is getting information to us as fast as they get it from the scientists. Says that the main responsibility lies with us to protect our nation.

56:10Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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