Classic Commercial Collection #1

Collection of black and white commercials, most likely from the 1950s, advertising cigarettes, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, easy to prepare food, beer, and automobile products.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape starts with color bars and tone.

Cigarette ads

1:02Copy video clip URL Lucky Strike cigarette ad. Cigarettes are shown dancing, doing a dosey-do, while voice over acts as dance instructor, telling the cigarettes to all “circle in” while going on about their incredible flavor.

2:02Copy video clip URL Old Gold cigarette ad opens with a man wearing a suit seated in a living room, smoking an Old Gold cigarette. He continues to voice over the commercial while the camera cuts to a stage where two tap dancers wearing giant cigarette packs on the upper half of their bodies perform.

3:11Copy video clip URL Muriel Cigars ad. Two animated Muriel cigars, one female, one male, sing a duet. Poor sound quality.

4:11Copy video clip URL Kool cigarette ad. Opens with animated skating penguin, then cuts to a shot of a clear stream flowing through a snow bank. A woman sings and a man’s voice over cuts in describing Kool cigarettes as “as cool and as clean as a breath of fresh air.” Camera cuts to man smoking a cigarette and talks directly to the camera and holds up a pack.

5:12Copy video clip URL Marlboro cigarette ad. A man smoking a cigarette opens the scene. The male voice over asks, what type of man this is a Marlboro man? The man describes himself while working on his automobile, “I’m a guy who likes working on my car” and “I always smoke when I work; they go together.”

6:18Copy video clip URL Robert Burns Cigars ad. Opens with a shot of a small boy and his uncle playing on the beach. Cut to man in living room smoking Robert Burns Cigars.

7:24Copy video clip URL Winston Cigarette ad. Animated jingle, “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.”

8:00Copy video clip URL Chesterfield King cigarettes ad. Scene opens with cowboys roping cattle. Cigarettes advertised as the number one choice for “Men of America.”

Cleaning Products Ads

9:05Copy video clip URL AJAX Cleanser ad. Animated elves clean an entire bathroom while marveling at the way Ajax cuts through grease.

10:15Copy video clip URL SOS cleanser ad. Scene opens with two Vikings with a table full of dirty dishes in front of a live studio audience. The two Vikings sing and are soon joined by a third.

12:43Copy video clip URL Raid ad. Hailed as the “New bug killer discovery from Johnson wax.” Scenes of bugs running in fear and a woman spraying her garden.

13:48Copy video clip URL Kleenex Table Napkins ad. Domestic kitchen scene of woman and her two children. “Manners,” a miniature Butler, arrives with Kleenix Table Napkins that “don’t slide off your lap” and “cling like cloth.”

14:54Copy video clip URL Mr Clean ad. An animated Mr. Clean and his animated housewife counterpart dance amidst her now spotless counter tops, windows and appliances.

15:54Copy video clip URL Tide laundry detergent ad. Scenes of a woman hanging laundry on a beach, then removing a towel that has the “cleanest clean under the sun” to dry off the energetic youth that runs up to her.

16:57Copy video clip URL Bufferin ad. A man’s head is superimposed on a drum to illustrate a pounding headache. A man’s voice over describes how Bufferin acts much faster than aspirin.

17:58Copy video clip URL Alka-Seltzer ad. Scenes of a claymation boy conductor leading a marching band of Alka-Seltzer boxes.

19:00Copy video clip URL Band Aid ad. An advertisement for new Band Aid plastic strips, which cling better than its competitors. The announcer walks the viewer through the “egg test” which shows the Band Aid still clinging to an egg after its placed in boiling water.

20:06Copy video clip URL Band Aid ad for colored band aids that come in Stars and Stripes and Charmers. Features kids on pogo sticks, with jump ropes, and rollerskating.

21:11Copy video clip URL Gillette Blue Blades ad. Animated bird with guitar sings about looking sharp by using Gillette products and then, in a stroke of animated genius, transforms his guitar into a pack of shaving blades.

21:43Copy video clip URL Remington ad for electric shaver for all men no matter how sensitive the skin. Opening scene shows the shaving kit, followed by a bearded man utilizing the product. The announcer describes the “peach test,” how the Remington can remove the delicate peach fuzz while leaving the fruit skin intact.

22:37Copy video clip URL Gillette ad. Dodgers players Roy Campanella and Pee Wee Reese endorse Gillette disposable razors. “A boy has more self respect when he’s clean shaven,” Reese tells the announcer, Al.

23:36Copy video clip URL Mum Deodorant ad. Woman in a cafe wearing a trench coat in sunglasses drops a note to mysterious stranger. When opened, the note reveals the name of the aforementioned deodorant.

24:42Copy video clip URL Pepsodent ad. Animated jingle of a young woman attracting numerous suitors with her cleaner, whiter teeth.

25:41Copy video clip URL Miss Clairol ad. Scene of a woman playing outside with her baby. As the camera closes up on her hair, the female announcer notes that the mother is now more confident and happy now that her hair is silkier and brighter.

26:46Copy video clip URL Crest Toothpaste. Commercial opens with a daughter running up to her mother screaming about having “No new cavities!” The voice over recommends Crest because it contains fluoride, which dentists use.

27:50Copy video clip URL A man in front of a live audience is seated at a desk. Another man brings him a tray of Lipton soup which he then goes on to talk about how easy it is to make and how good it tastes.

32:00Copy video clip URL Ritz ad. Man and woman sing about how the viewer should always make sure they have enough Ritz crackers.

32:22Copy video clip URL Heinz Worcestershire sauce ad. Animated man has trouble saying “Worcestershire” recommends the sauce “no matter how you pronounce it.”

33:26Copy video clip URL Skippy peanut butter ad. A quick history of peanut butter, leading to the climax of the peanut butter universe, the creation of Skippy Peanut Butter in 1933.

35:02Copy video clip URL E-Z Pop ad. Two pop corn kernels rap and scat about E-Z Pop popcorn, which the younger kernel calls “Bop Corn.”

36:03Copy video clip URL Jell-O pudding ad. A very depressed cartoon woman walks on treadmill while the female voice over says “busy, busy.” Scene cuts to Jell-O instant pudding, the “busy day dessert.”

37:07Copy video clip URL Kroger Eggs ed. A chicken follows the processing of its own egg, from its collection right to the supermarket.

38:09Copy video clip URL PET Evaporated Milk ad. Opens with lullabye music playing and a baby sleeping, cuts to a woman holding the yawning baby, then the baby sleeping again.

39:37Copy video clip URL Snowdrift, Wesson Oil Shortening ad. Animation of a woman and her husband at the dinner table. The husband becomes upset, the woman cries and flees to an older woman who hands her a container of Snowdrift. The woman returns to the table and her husband is pleased.

40:39Copy video clip URL Nestle Quick ad. A puppet craves Nestle Quick after being knocked out in a boxing match.

41:42Copy video clip URL Maypo Oat Cereal. A man tries to feed a reluctant child.

42:46Copy video clip URL Andersen soup ad. Image very washed out. Announcer describes soup making, while animated characters act out the process.

43:50Copy video clip URL Jello-O ad. The announcer, imitating a Chinese accent, calls the commercial an “ancient Chinese pantomime.” An animated Chinese baby is upset that it cannot eat its Jell-O until his mother brings him the “great Western invention” of the spoon.

44:50Copy video clip URL Maxwell House Instant Coffee ad. A man in a domestic setting describes how easy it is to make instant coffee.

46:21Copy video clip URL Tea ad. Various scenes of tea being made, poured and drank with the tag line “Take tea and see.”

47:20  Wilkins instant coffee ad. Two puppets advertise for the “Rich… Rich… Double Rich” taste of Wilkins.

47:34Copy video clip URL Hamms beer ad. An animated beaver and bear advocate for Hamms–“the beer refreshing”–amidst a wilderness backdrop.

48:58Copy video clip URL Carling’s Black Label beer ad.

50:00Copy video clip URL Piels beer ad.

51:03Copy video clip URL Schwepps tonic water ad. Scene of an elegant party where Schwepps tonic water is used.

52:04Copy video clip URL Rheingold Extra Dry Lager Beer ad. Scene of a beer parade.

53:07Copy video clip URL Budweiser ad. Scenes of a beach and flute playing with the tag line, “Where there’s life there’s bud.”

54:12Copy video clip URL Brewer’s Gold Beer ad.

55:16Copy video clip URL Gallo Grenache Rose wine ad. A montage of different places on could drink Gallo Grenace, including a party, picnic, and outdoor grilling.

56:18Copy video clip URL Bardahl top oil ad.

57:20Copy video clip URL Delco Heavy Duty batteries ad. The ad opens with the scenario of a C-124 bomber flying on a dangerous mission. As ground control’s power goes out, their Delco emergency battery kicks in, enabling them to keep in contact with the bomber whose mission is then successful.

1:00:29Copy video clip URL Power Fuel ad. Advertisement for Power Fuel’s Speedway “79” brand of oil. Poor sound quality.

1:01:35Copy video clip URL Esso ad. Animated ad featuring car oil that “stops cool weather stalling.”

1:02Copy video clip URL:29 End of tape.


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  1. L. Strow says:

    All very memorable. Thanks. I was remembering just one line a commercal and hoping it was among these. It was not. It is the ending on a commercial with the line, “while a cigarette burns.” (a slow, soft melody). Do you have it?

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