Classic Commercial Collection #2

A classic commercial collection of both live and on film commercials created in the late 1940s through 1958. It features advertisements from Chevron, Bank of America, Yellow Pages, Robert Hall, Keds, Chemstrand Co., RCA, Bulova Watches, Westinghouse, Dodge, Chevrolet, and Renault Dophine.

00:44Copy video clip URL Animated 1958 Chevron Supreme fuel commercial with slogan.

1:17Copy video clip URL “Without hesitation he said, ‘fill ‘er up,’ and from that moment on an indivisible bond was born between the American motorist and this great super premium gasoline.”

1:46Copy video clip URL Animated 1955 Bank of America commercial that pushes “instant money” in the form of a personal loan.

2:12Copy video clip URL Animated 1956 Yellow Pages book commercial that names Yellow Pages “The first place to look for anything.”

3:15Copy video clip URL Animated 1954 Robert Hall commercial. Blackbirds sit on an electric line singing “At Robert Hall you save on family clothes.”

3:38Copy video clip URL 1958 Keds commercial with Kedso the clown and the Keds theme song.

4:41Copy video clip URL 1958 Chemstrand Co. nylon stockings commercial.

5:14Copy video clip URL Still frame and text. “A lady isn’t dressed unless her legs are too.”

5:44Copy video clip URL 1954 RCA victor portable radio. A woman stands on top of a ladder and drops two portable radios. One is the RCA Victor portable radio; the Victor RCA is intact.

6:03Copy video clip URL “The world’s first and only portable radio.” Five-year guarantee for the radio with a nonbreakable impact case, no chipping, no cracking.

6:41Copy video clip URL Radio with dog RCA logo.

6:50Copy video clip URL “Bulvoa Clipper Conquers Niagra Falls” 1955 commecial.

6:54Copy video clip URL Watch is attached to a heavy-weighted ball. “Can this watch take the full impact of the rocks and rapids?”

7:09Copy video clip URL Lyle Van, a newscaster who covered this Niagra Falls story, shows the Bulova Clipper with 17 jewels.

7:44Copy video clip URL Westinghouse Studio One live broadcast with Betty Furness. Message is that Westinghouse refrigerators are kept frost free.

8:34Copy video clip URL Furness is unable to open refrigerator door. “Somebody’s playing games,” she says.

9:10Copy video clip URL Camera dollies in so floor manager can open the door for her. “You see, the door opens completely automatically and it wipes every trace of frost away.”

10:31Copy video clip URL Westinghouse Studio One live 1956 commercial broadcast with Betty Furness. Live trial of four of America’s leading washers to see how well they wash and rinse.

12:45Copy video clip URL After women from the New York and New York City women’s club have loaded laundry with sand and detergent, Furness asks the participants to stand by their washer until the load is completed. This is part one (this pair of commercials was split up by the program).

13:00Copy video clip URL Open to Westinghouse Studio One live, continuing the test. Part two is the clothes taken out of the washer.

15:25Copy video clip URL Westinghouse revolving agitator automatic washer is opened while the participating women and Furness stand around to see the results.

16:05Copy video clip URL “Well now ladies, you’ve all watched this test. We’ve all seen it right from beginning to end together and you know it was completely fair and impartial. I think I can see that you’re pretty impressed with our laundromat.”

16:56Copy video clip URL 1955 Dodge commercial showing how cars are put together in a steel factory. Music plays while man’s voice talks about the product.

17:22Copy video clip URL “How many dreams can you shape in a minute, in an hour? Ask the people at Dodge.”

19:02Copy video clip URL 1956 Chevrolet “Champs of the Alcan Run” commercial, certified by the AAA.

19:58Copy video clip URL 1957 Chevy trucks of the task force fleet set off in a line to conquer the Alcan Run in the night.

22:16Copy video clip URL “If you haul loads over all kinds of roads, Chevy trucks are number one. They’re engineered best and proven by test the Champs of the Alcan Run.”

22:46Copy video clip URL A man rollerskates in 1958 Renault Dophine commercial.

22:55Copy video clip URL Car made in France to make driving fun again. Uses fast action shots.

23:48Copy video clip URL Pat Boone and Dinah Shore sing on top of the Chevrolet logo surrounded by clouds in 1958 commercial.

24:17Copy video clip URL ’59 Chevy only shown for a fraction of a second.

24:44Copy video clip URL Boone sings, “Now that you’ve seen the new Chevrolet” and Shore continues, “In a somewhat subliminal way…”.

25:14Copy video clip URL Chevrolet logo held for 13 seconds on camera.

25:30Copy video clip URL Smiling boy in the back seat of a Chevrolet in a showroom in a 1958 Chevy commercial. No dialogue, only expressions.

25:55Copy video clip URL Boy stares at showroom when his father approaches. The two stare at the Chevrolets.

26:12Copy video clip URL The father looks over to the mother, his wife. She is putting groceries in their car and cannot keep the door closed properly.

26:50Copy video clip URL She admires the showroom with her son and husband. The salesman opens the new door just as her groceries fall out of the car.

26:58Copy video clip URL Transition from rolling orange shot to the family riding in the new Chevy with the mother at the wheel.

27:13Copy video clip URL “Fun to see, fun to drive, fun to buy, the new Chevrolet.” Logo follows.

27:34Copy video clip URL Young man in a tuxedo says farewell to his parents and sister on his way to a party or dance in a 1958 convertible Chevrolet commercial. He looks at his run-down car and sees his father’s 1959 convertible in the driveway.

28:02Copy video clip URL The mother and sister try to convince the father to let the young man borrow his car. At first he is not convinced by their stares, but then he loans him the key.

28:40Copy video clip URL Camera cuts to young man in car with his date.

29:02Copy video clip URL The couple arrive at the event. “What a gal, what a night, what a car.”

29:34Copy video clip URL Chevrolet logo held for 13 seconds on camera.

29:49Copy video clip URL Credits.

30:06Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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