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0:00 Lucky Strike Commercial. Cigarettes dance to jingle. L.S./M.F.T.

1:18 Dennis James advertises Old Gold Cigarettes. A woman wearing a cigarette box dances on stage.

2:23 Muriel Cigars – only 10 cents. Animated cigars dance and sing.

3:30 Kool cigarettes. Animated penguin ice skates. Shot of icy stream. Then man talks about the refreshing-ness of Kool. “Snow fresh filtered Kool. As cool and as clean as a breath of fresh air.”

4:38 Tough man smokes Marlboro. He talks about what kind of a guy he is – he’s the type of man who likes to work on his car. He always smokes when he works – they go together. He likes Marlboros because when he smokes he likes to taste something, the flip top box is well designed, and the filter really works.

5:48 Ocean. Man remembers his uncle, who liked to smoke cigars on the beach. Robt Burns cigars. His memory made him start smoking that brand. Nature-filtered. The tobacco leaves are slow cured in clean air. Five different shapes that range in price from 2 for 25 cents to 25 each.

6:58 Winston. Jingle with cartoon of the words dancing around. Filter lets the flavor through. “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.”

7:41 Men of America. Driving cattle, herding steers. Chesterfield cigarettes. Nothing satisfies like Chesterfield King. Smoking smoother and smoking clean. Big clean taste that always satisfies. Top tobacco all the way for top tobacco filter action. Choice for men of America.

8:48 Ajax cleanser. Cartoon shows tiny elves cleaning with Ajax while singing about the foaming cleanser that leaves no gritty stuff. Foams as it cleans. The new scouring cleanser. Cuts grease, polishes with 1/2 the effort and smells good too.

10:00 Man and woman on stage dressed like Vikings during commercial break for TV show. Man shows us a pile of dirty pots and pans. Woman says he just has to use SOS. Then they sing a song. The woman pantomimes like she’s singing in a really deep bass voice. Then man comes in with braids and “sings” in woman’s voice. That man goes back to hosting the show.

12:31 Raid. Animated bugs become terrified. Raid can sprays bugs and kills them. Kills bugs even where they hide. Can also be used outside on garden plants. Raid saves plants, unlike other bug killers that kill plants.

13:36 Man walks into dinner scene with mother and children. The mother is frustrated because the kids keep dropping their napkins. The man is Manners the Butler and for some reason he is only a foot tall. He wants us to try Kleenex table napkins that cling like cloth and don’t shred during the meal.

14:40 Mr. Clean, Procter and Gamble’s new all purpose liquid cleaner. Animated sequence with jingle.

15:44 Cleanest clean under the sun is Tide clean. Laundry hanging at beach. Mother wraps child in clean towel. New Tide has extra cleaning power. More than white, more than bright, really clean.

16:48 Headache throbbing like a drum, don’t let it last and last, Bufferin is fast fast fast. Diagrams show how aspirin and bufferin work in the stomach. Aspirin somehow can’t get in the bloodstream as fast. Doesn’t upset stomach.

17:54 Claymation boy dances and sings about Alka-Seltzer in Washington DC. Congressman says “what’s good for me is good for you.” Boy shows us around the world where they take Alka-Seltzer, such as New Orleans.

19:02 Band-Aid plastic strip with superstick. Bandaid can pick up an egg. Sticks even in boiling water. Even in hot soapy dishwater. By Johnson and Johnson.

20:10 Kids play on swings and other playground equipment. Bandaid plastic bandage in colors. Kids get hurt playing, but deemed the designs of these bandages to be fun.

21:17 Look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp. Gilette: how are you fixed for blades? Make sure you have enough because a worn out blade makes shaving tough.

21:57 Peach and tough bristled hairbrush. Remington electric shaver can shave both easily. Doesn’t hurt tender peach but can shave tough brush. Close comfortable shave.

23:03 Dodgers. Talk about helping teenagers. Then say that it’s important to teach clean shaving. Roy Campanella, Don Zimer, Pee Wee Reese all have different types of facial hair. Different blades for different men. Gilette razor with 3 blades.

24:05 Woman in café being secretive. Takes out mirror to look at man behind her. They look at each other. She walks over and drops him a note. It says “new mum now has weapon.” Mum, doctors deodorant discovery now contains m-3 to stop odors 24 hours a day. Cream deodorant. Mum’s the word.

25:16 Animated boys whistle and rhyme to attract girl who has been using Pepsodent. “You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.”

26:23 Mother in park with baby. Her hair is soft, shiny, fresh: does she or doesn’t she? Clairol looks so fresh only your hairdresser knows. Now she looks as wonderful as she feels. Soft and silky. Baby plays with mothers hair. Miss Clairol.

27:25 Girl and dog run out of car to mother. She has no new cavities because of Crest toothpaste with Flouristan. Explains flouride. Cuts cavities almost in half.

28:33 Man onstage gets Lipton soup brought to him on tray. Makes jokes about vase. Chicken noodle. Make it from envelope. Lipton. 10 minutes to cook, 4-6 servings. Green pea, vegetable, onion. What you buy is ingredients and you really cook it – its homemade, not like from a can. Except that truly homemade soup would take hours, but you do it in 10 minutes. It takes longer than cans, but the extra effort is worth it. Just try it and see.

31:49 Tape ends abruptly in the middle of last commercial.



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