[Classic TV car commercials of the ’50s and ’60s]

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0:00 FBI Warning.

1:10 Opening credits. Shots of car factories. Dodge commercial with jingle.

2:37 Chevy commercial. Shots of Western wilds, with rhymed poem about Chevrolets conquering the frontier.

6:22 Renault Dophine commercial. This car is being marketed as fun because it is so tiny and agile. They claim the car gets 40 miles/gallon and can park in tiny spaces. The car has two different horn sounds.

7:25 Singing and dancing by a man and a woman advertising the ’59 Chevy. The car will be out Thursday Oct 16.

8:59 Chevrolet commercial. A family is car shopping, and a little boy and girl wander around and flirt with each other from inside the cars their parents are looking at. We see a woman having trouble closing the door to her old car, then the family looks at a new Chevy. The door closes perfectly. The family test drives the car and everyone loves it.

11:01 Volkswagon Beetle commercial. Volkswagon people go to Italy to see their most famous designers. The Italian designer can only find one thing to change for the 58 Beetle – making the rear window slightly larger.

12:32 Shell gasoline test in the Mojave Desert. The cars without the premium fuel run out of gas sooner.

13:32 A man and a train are about to collide in the snow. The man was able to keep control because of his Goodyear snow tires.

14:32 Hertz commercial. Jingle with families on vacations.

15:30 Man and woman at a dinner table. 1958 Edsel. It has buttons to shift gears instead of stick shift. You can also set the speedometer so it glows red when you go faster than a certain speed.

18:00 Buick commercial. 1964 Riveria by Buick. The car is seen as adventurous. We see a man overtake an attractive woman in his Buick. A woman can admire this car, but only a man can really enjoy it.

19:01 1966 Ninety Eight by Oldsmobile. Lingering shots of parts of the car.

19:51 1964 Grand Prix by Pontiac. The car is portrayed as an award winner. We

see lingering shots of parts of the car.

20:51 Buick Wildcat 1964. Man in coyboy hat is chased by Mexican cowboys who examine the car in delight. They are befuddled and outsmarted by all of the car’s special features.

21:52 Woman weighs herself: 98 lbs. Her car weighs 1.5 tons, but she can easily maneuver her Ford, because of its power steering.

23:25 Engine speaks to us about his origins and powers. It is Chevrolet’s new V-8 engine.

24:55 Bomb goes off. Traffic accident. War is declared on traffic accidents. We can help prevent traffic accidents by enforcing laws and supporting our local safety council.

26:00 Man shows us the portals of the present. GM has five great passenger car divisions for 1957. The cars are shown on a showcase. Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, and Cadillac. These are the cars of the future, powered by Delco batteries, the power of the future.

28:53 1950 Ford flies through the clouds. It is that dreamy.

30:15 End of tape.



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