[Raw Footage of Imbed This]

Uncut footage from a 2003 anti-war protest at Federal Plaza in the Chicago Loop. The final, edited footage can be found in Hoffman's Imbed This.

0:00Copy video clip URL The camera looks down and across the street to capture a procession of police officers dressed in riot gear. Hoffman comments on the procession and wonders where they could be headed. As the procession gets further away, the camera zooms out.

1:21Copy video clip URL Outside a locked gate, the camera captures policemen donning riot gear in a parking lot, followed by several closer shots. Hoffman walks down the street to get close enough to the policemen to ask them what they’re preparing for, to no response, continuing to capture different shots of the scene. A woman approaches Hoffman, asking what’s going on. “There’s a demonstration today against the war,” responds Hoffman.

4:16Copy video clip URL Hoffman and her friend approach several police officers standing on the sidewalk. As they continue to ask what is happening that day, an officer says, “No pictures, please.” Hoffman continues to capture the officers, the camera taking note of a pair of handcuffs dangling from one officer’s belt. 

5:02Copy video clip URL Hoffman’s friend catches the eye of an officer, asking him if the protest is for or against the war, finding out that the protest, against the war, will be held at Federal Plaza and will host about twenty thousand protesters.

5:20Copy video clip URL Hoffman begins talking to another officer, Officer John Tierney, encouraging him to give up smoking, then prodding him to “tell [her] about [his] outfit.” Tierney obliges, enthusiastically walking Hoffman through what he’s wearing. Hoffman asks what he’s wearing under his external layer, to which Tierney responds that he is wearing a BDU (Battle Dress Uniform), though he says he doesn’t know what the acronym stands for. Hoffman asks him what his position is, Tierney saying that he’s a “regular” police officer, then says he does not get paid overtime. Hoffman and her friend continue to ask Tierney questions, getting little from him until asking about his layers including a bulletproof vest, at which Tierney covers the camera and requests that they not ask him about that particular issue. They attempt to continue talking, but when asked about the line for disobedience, Tierney asks Hoffman to turn off the camera, and Hoffman obliges.

7:23Copy video clip URL Hoffman captures more footage of the police officers in the lot. Several officers walk toward the site, and Hoffman follows them as they do so.

8:12Copy video clip URL Hoffman zooms into a shot of the Chicago flag, then pans out onto footage of a policeman standing behind a boxy black truck, before continuing to walk behind the officers on the way to the protest site. 

11:30Copy video clip URL Nearing the protest site, an officer asks if everyone has their “buddies,” to scattered laughter. Across the street from the site, the officers assume formation, where they join other groups of officers already present.

12:13Copy video clip URL The camera pans away from the officers as Hoffman walks toward the protest site. A man asks Hoffman to check out a newspaper, The Revolutionary Worker. Hoffman centers the camera on another line of police officers at the protest site itself.

12:39Copy video clip URL Crossing the street, Hoffman films protesters, focusing in on various signs bearing anti-war slogans.

13:42Copy video clip URL While Hoffman’s friend continues to capture footage of the protest, a man begins talking to Hoffman. The camera swings around to Hoffman as she talks to him.

14:18Copy video clip URL Hoffman and her friend continue to capture footage of the protest.

16:31Copy video clip URL Hoffman pans down from Alexander Calder’s statue, Flamingo, to a large banner reading “PEACE NOW.” Hoffman focuses on a banner between the two reading “HYDE PARK says NO to WAR,” before zooming back out to recenter the two men’s conversation.

17:26Copy video clip URL Two decorated police officers walk though the protest. Hoffman attempts to engage them, to no avail.

17:41Copy video clip URL A member of the media walks through the crowd carrying a large camera with the WGN9 News logo emblazoned on the side. Hoffman asks, “So what do you think of the job the media’s doing on the war coverage? You don’t talk? You just take pictures?” She follows up as the cameraman ignores her.

18:29Copy video clip URL Hoffman approaches a photographer, identified by his badge as E. Jason Wambsgans from the Chicago Tribune Company, asking him a similar question. He responds, saying, “It’s a big business. That’s all it is,” but when asked about propaganda, he shuts her down, telling her he can’t talk on camera and snapping a shot of her.

19:06Copy video clip URL Hoffman returns to filming the protesters and their signs.

19:32Copy video clip URL Hoffman approaches another reporting crew, asking Ben Bradley from Channel Seven his thoughts on the media’s coverage of the war. Bradley asks for Hoffman to introduce herself, which she does, segwaying into asking him again. Bradley presses the idea of objectivity by the media. Hoffman asks about the media’s tendency to cover events rather than delving into the actual issues, Bradley responding that they are mainly focused with covering things as they happen rather than providing the depth and perspective of a different type of journalism, like a history book or journal article. He explains the process of deciding what events and stories to cover. Bradley walks off, cutting a line between protesters on one side and armed police on the other.

22:56Copy video clip URL Hoffman returns to filming the protest, finding where a reporter from Fox Chicago is interviewing a protester, a Vietnam veteran who opposes the war, and another reporter from Telemundo interviewing a protester in Spanish. 

25:54Copy video clip URL Hoffman approaches a reporter from NBC Channel 5 News, asking him about what he’s filming. The reporter, confused, brushes her off.

26:18Copy video clip URL Protesters “vacuum” the sidewalk, wearing bright safety vests saying “CLEANING UP AFTER CAPITALISM.” Hoffman films another videographer capturing footage of the protest, as well as other protesters. The video ends on a shot of two children in matching outfits, wearing pins advocating for peace.



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