[Comedy Chicago – Ciralsky’s Pt. 1]

00:18Copy video clip URL Color bars. Comedy Chicago introduction sequence. 

2:07Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Ciralsky’s Delicatessen. Inside, Will Clinger sits at a table with three men that used to perform in Vaudeville and Burlesque. They introduce themselves and the restaurant. The men start to talk about the circuits they performed in, and how Vaudeville worked. They talk about the borrowing of material and some of the people they work with. The conversation is very natural and full of anecdotes. 

18:10Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

19:00Copy video clip URL Return to the deli. The men give more anecdotes about some of the places they performed. One man tells the story of how he quit show business. One of the men talks about missing Vaudeville. 

26:17Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

28:16Copy video clip URL Clinger describes the time and location for Second City shows and Tommy Gun’s comedy club. Return to the men. They talk about the death of Vaudeville and adapting to new technologies. 

30:26Copy video clip URL Credits. 

31:41Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 

[Continued in Tape 17344].



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