[Comedy Chicago – Second City Main Stage]


This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

00:17Copy video clip URL Color bars. Comedy Chicago episode information screen. 

2:10Copy video clip URL Comedy Chicago introduction sequence. Will Clinger introduces the show and gives the background for Second City Improvisation. 

4:10Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

5:10Copy video clip URL Clinger goes inside the Second City theater and points out some alumni of the group. He talks about the design and history of the stage and theater. Footage from old Second City performances.

9:08Copy video clip URL Clinger goes backstage and talks about some traditions. He talks to the Producer of Second City, Joyce Sloane. 

13:40Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

14:38Copy video clip URL Clinger goes backstage with the company. He briefly talks to some of the actors before the show starts. Footage of the show interspersed with the actors looking for things backstage. He asks a few questions to the actors while they prepare. 

26:23Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

26:40Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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