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0:00 Richard and Patricia Nixon. Nixon urges voters to write the Republican National committee to determine whether he should be on the presidential ticket.

1:28 “See It Now” with Edward R. Murrow. Murrow reports on the news in a casual setting inside the CBS studio. Among the more historically interesting moments: Murrow shows off the cameras that are shooting live outside the CBS building, Murrow comments on the new impact that television is having on political campaigns.

17:07 NBC promo.

19:08 Commercial for the Detroit Zoo with Tim Kazurinsky.

20:09 ABC News report where an English teacher points out an obscure grammatical error in their graphics. With Ted Koppel.

21:34 Walter Cronkite reports on John Lennon’s death.

23:48 Walter Jacobson: About Chicago. Glorifies Chicago.

24:21 CBS shows us archival footage promoting the station.

28:42 Cartoon Lost and Found starring Adam West. Collection of cartoon clips.

30:48 Sports talk show called Intersport television. Investigating the 1989 Chicago Bears. With host Dan Hampt on. With guests Steve Dahl and Gary Meier.

1:20:15 Sports talk show called Early Action. Hosted by Hugh Malay, Bobby Downs.

1:21:39 C-Span press conference on journalism ethics.

1:35:40 New C-Span program. A panel debate entitled “Staying Black or African-American?” The introduction by W. Bernell Brooks focuses on a new African-American newspaper called The Wire (of which he is the editor). The debate covers the history of the Black Liberation struggle and this issue of name.



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