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Compilation of several films by Chuck Kleinhans.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars, slate, black.

01:43Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “The Dictatorship of the Proletariat.” While making a hot dog in a restaurant, David Obermeyer reflects on class and labor. Kleinhans: “What do you think of the dictatorship of the proletariat?” Obermeyer: “I think Marx said it all.”

3:56Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “The Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon” title screen. Camera opens on flashing grainy TV screen. Camera cuts to Larry Foster, a Skokie, IL 7/11 manager, talking about his store’s participation in the Jerry Lewis telethon. The purchase of certain products, like Sara Lee, results in a donation to Jerry’s Kids.

6:03Copy video clip URL Cut to an event in a park for the telethon. People pour gathered money into a communal container. Interviewer Liz Schilinger asks two boys if they think the money really goes to helping people with muscular dystrophy, but the camera cuts away before they answer. Different cameraman talks to a man that biked down Irving Park Road to get to the event. Footage of the telethon on TV interspersed with footage from the event in the park. 

12:57Copy video clip URL Cut to a man named Stuart sitting next to the TV and providing an analysis of the trajectory of the telethon. “It’s sort of horrifying, like watching Mr. Jekyll turn into Mr. Hyde. And it happens every year! … And finally, at the end of it all, you end up giving money out of a sense of shame for having watched this man convert into this monster.” More footage of the telethon.

15:32Copy video clip URL Cut to a public figure talking to Schilinger in the park about why Jerry Lewis hosts the telethon. “Jerry has not specifically given a reason, but he claims that when a cure is found, he’s going to unveil his reason.” Interview with a woman dressed as a clown.

17:00Copy video clip URL Cut back to the telethon, where actor Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize, of Fantasy Island fame, is making a request for donations. WGN anchor John Drury reports on the results of the telethon.

18:37Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “It’s Not Made By Great Men.” “Not Great Men” by Gang of Four starts playing over a flashing countdown. Hand writes “It’s Not Made By Great Men” on a photograph. As the song continues, there are distorted images of Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter from TV appearances and Reagan’s movies.

21:48Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “Men, Men, Men.” Camera opens on Chuck Kleinhans holding a sign. Found audio introducing the “great men” of music under footage of a public bathroom. Audio from a talk show discussing the “12 sexual fears of men” over images of men from TV, film, and pop culture. Brief flash of Kleinhans. “The End.” Cut to black. 

29:15Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “Bad Boy.” Camera opens on a close up of Chuck Kleinhans wearing sunglasses and a shirt with the word “shades.” The song “Bad Boy” by Ray Parker Jr. plays as Kleinhans looks straight at the camera and blows his hair out with a hair dryer. Song ends. Kleinhans washes dishes. 

31:58Copy video clip URL Title: “Fred Barney Taylor: A Portrait.” Superimposed images of Taylor amidst his books and photographs.

34:48Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “Bill Kleinhans A Portrait.” Home movie-style footage of the filmmaker’s father fishing.

37:32Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “Everybody’s Trance Film.” Camera opens on two men walking on a sidewalk with Chuck Kleinhans, who holds the camera. Music starts playing. Series of still images. Footage of a pool. Paper hangs on the wall: “Trance films in general tend to resist specific interpretation. – P. Adams Sitney.” Footage of people feeding ducks at a park, people walking in a hallway, a flowerbed, a tarp moving in the wind, plants in a conservatory, and fish swimming. They are cut together in different ways, with some footage repeating. Footage from on a boat. Footage of a theater with the word “Trance” hung above it that was a part of the still image sequence from earlier in the video. Dolphins swimming. Kleinhans gets into a car wearing a large poncho. Still images. Credit. 

50:34Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “Stopping By the Toll Toad.” Footage of wind blowing trees and a flag. Stormy skies. Cars driving along a road. 

52:35Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “The No Walking Trip.” Camera opens on a lake in a state park. People riding in a boat and footage of the rocks that surround the lake. Overlaid images.

56:01Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “Fun.” Camera opens on a go-kart track. Cut to a lake with bumper boats. The two images are overlaid on top of each other. Alternating and overlaid footage of people driving the boats and go-karts.

58:33Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “Pedestrian Wavelength.” Camera opens on an apartment, filming the room and two cats. Moves between slow motion and accelerated speed, and color and grayscale. Footage of the window outside in different seasons. A TV screen sits in the middle of the room and plays the footage. Cut between static shots of the room again. Camera starts outside of the apartment and moves in through the window to a group of people eating and hanging out inside. “Chuck Kleinhans” credit. 

1:07:27Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “August Nights.” Jazz music starts playing. “Rush & Division.” Dark grayscale close-up footage of people walking by and cars driving. Music stops. Footage of people walking on the street continues. Cut to a man washing a CTA tunnel. “Grant Park.” New song starts. Footage of a concert. Footage of buildings. “Logan Square.” McDonald’s sign. Cars driving by. Man watching TV in a store. People hanging out in a diner and playing pinball.

1:17:57Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “Back Porch.” Camera opens on a porch. Footage of the floor and railings. Trash sitting on the porch. People walking by the house from the porch. Cars driving past. One car parks in a garage.  People eating a meal on the back porch in grayscale. Close-up of someone playing with a maze toy. Cut back to people on the porch in color. People walking and driving past the porch. 

1:32:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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