Cook County Hospital rally dub

Cook County Hospital workers rally on October 13, 1979 at Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago. They are trying to prevent the hospital from closing.

00:00Copy video clip URL A woman leads the rally in a chant: “Keep County open!” A man encourages people to sign a petition to keep Cook County open. He introduces Dr. Linda Murray.

01:29Copy video clip URL Murray addresses the crowd noting that it’s important everyone understands what’s going on today. “We are not going to have plantation politics in this city anymore… If Mayor Byrne allows one hospital to close, we’re going to get rid of all of them.” She says we need the hospitals to be open, we need to know who is for the people, we need money not pledges of support, and we need votes in legislature. Our hospital, she says, is going under. “We need a long term solution. We need a new hospital. We don’t want a raggedy, broken down hospital, we deserve the best.” People need the best health care, she says, and if we do not get the money we need, if the governor allows the hospital to close, we’ll be back in large numbers, and not to talk.

06:39Copy video clip URL The crowd chants: “Keep County open!”

07:09Copy video clip URL Black.

07:13Copy video clip URL Crowd chants, “Save County Hospital.” B-roll of the crowd and the signs they hold.

08:28Copy video clip URL A woman leads the crowd in a protest song, “We shall not be moved.” Speakers rally the crowd and argue why the hospital must be supported. “We’re dealing with lives of people. Keep the hospital open.” Various cries in English and Spanish. B-roll of the crowd. “It’s a crime to be poor! We’re kept down.”

13:10Copy video clip URL B-roll of passersby observing the rally from a distance. The Picasso sculpture (“Untitled”) is visible. Various clips and sound bites of speeches, the crowd, the city.

18:40Copy video clip URL A woman says that her union voted to support the efforts of hospital workers to keep Cook County Hospital open. She talks about the union workers who died from unhealthy work conditions.

22:38Copy video clip URL Black.

22:45Copy video clip URL A speech by Frank Chapman. He asks someone in the crowd to put down an offensive sign. He talks about the national healthcare system and a hospital in St. Louis that closed. He talks about the unbalance of money spent on military needs as opposed to domestic healthcare needs.

27:49Copy video clip URL Continued b-roll of the rally. The crowd chants, “Keep County open!” The emcee introduces Bill Henry, who speaks.

29:35Copy video clip URL Various cuts as the videographer stops and re-starts shooting. More rally chants.

31:15Copy video clip URL Dr. Jorge Prieto, chairman of the department of family practice at Cook County Hospital and pioneering activist for medical care for immigrants, is introduced and speaks to the crowd.

38:17Copy video clip URL Cut to a speech by the Barrett Sisters.

39:27Copy video clip URL The Barrett Sisters sing a cappella, gospel-style.

41:25Copy video clip URL Tape ends in mid-shot.



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