[Council wars 7/27/1983]

WLS's Tim Weigel reports on the day's conflicts between Mayor Harold Washington and the Vrdolyak 29 in the City Council.

0:00Copy video clip URL Tim Weigel reports that even some of Mayor Harold Washington’s supporters have started to defect due to anger over Washington’s endorsement of Charles Hayes in the special election to fill his own vacant seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. His critics, among them 16th Ward Alderman Anna Langford, charge him with trying to create “a new political machine of his own.”

0:39Copy video clip URL Weigel reports that another issue causing supporters to defect is his call for a property tax increase.

0:45Copy video clip URL Weigel reports that today in the City Council, the Vrdolyak forces voted to appeal the $600,000 awarded to Renault Robinson in a discrimination lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department. 14th Ward Alderman Ed Burke denies that their position is about racism, saying, “This issue is a matter of color. And that color is green.” The measure passed despite Washington’s announcement that he would veto it.

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