[Coverage of Carol Marin leaving WMAQ-TV]

Composite of reports on Carol Marin's decision to leave her anchor position at WMAQ-TV Chicago in response to the addition of Jerry Springer to the evening news team.

00:07Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Carol Marin talking about what TV is meant to do on WTTW. “Chicago Tonight” introduction. News anchors, including Marin and Phil Ponce speak about sensationalism in TV. Ponce explains the controversy at Channel 5 (WMAQ-TV Chicago) news. The channel has hired talk show host Jerry Springer to do commentary on the 10 o’clock news, and Marin and her co-anchor Ron Magers have stood up against this decision. Marin explains why she believes that Springer should not be an addition to the news broadcast. Elizabeth Brackett talks about reactions to Marin’s decision. 

5:40Copy video clip URL Cut to Chicago Tonight set. Ponce begins by asking why Marin doesn’t want to give Springer a chance. Marin says that Springer has had the opportunity to make a positive impact with his own show, and has not done it. They speak about Marin’s relationship with her viewers. Jeff Borden, an expert on the business of television, speaks about the risks and potential benefits of Channel 5 bringing on Jerry Springer. Marin talks about why she is standing up for this issue. 

13:05Copy video clip URL Ava Thompson Greenwell, a Northwestern University professor, speaks about the image of the channel. They all speak about the way news and journalism has changed. They talk about Jerry Springer as a figure, and how he might influence the show. They talk about the publicity of this controversy itself. 

25:42Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Channel 5 news room on Marin’s last day as the news anchor. Employees sit and talk. Marin in her office. Footage of the news desk. Camera talks to an employee who is visibly upset about Marin’s departure. He talks about what he respects about Marin. Camera talks to another man about what he thinks about Marin. 

39:35Copy video clip URL Camera interviews Marin in her office. Cameraman asks what she thinks is happening with TV news. She talks about the problems that TV is facing around the country. She talks about why she stood up against the invitation to Jerry Springer. They talk about where she might be able to find what she is looking for in TV news. She expresses some feelings about leaving. Preparations for the final show. 

50:07Copy video clip URL Final news broadcast with Marin and Magers begins. Woman who supports Marin sits in the news room and watches the broadcast. She talks briefly about meeting Marin. News office staff talking to each other and watching the broadcast. Marin’s goodbye. News team cheers. Marin hugs and speaks to the staff. They have champagne.

1:11:25Copy video clip URL ABC reports on Marin leaving Channel 5. Marin talks about why she decided to leave. Report on Springer.

11:13:30Copy video clip URL Intro for the Late Show with Ron Snyder. Snyder prepares to interview Marin. Snyder talks about “sweeps” on TV and sensationalism. Clip of Springer talking about Marin’s decision. Commercial break. 

1:22:10Copy video clip URL Snyder asks Marin to comment on Springer’s reaction. He asks why she didn’t give Springer a chance before leaving. Marin talks about other aspects of Channel 5 that she did not agree with. 

1:30:42Copy video clip URL Start of broadcasted version of Marin’s goodbye. Commercial break. Back on the Late Show, a caller asks if Springer had been put in a different time slot whether or not it would have made a difference, and she says it would not have. She talks more about why she made this decision. Commercial break. Another caller asks about Springer’s role, and they talk about the first amendment. They talk again about what news should be. 

1:52:25Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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    Phil Ponce is so good. Obviously he agrees with Carol, but challenges her every step of the way.

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