Cubs Scoreboard #1

Raw tape shot inside the Chicago Cubs' scoreboard.

00:41Copy video clip URL Footage begins after color bars. About four people are inside the Cubs’ scoreboard, which is still changed by hand. Sam Bongiorno switches one of the numbers to zero, then sits down beside another man: “Roger O’Connor takes care of the hits.” They watch the game from three small windows. The camera zooms in on the team through the small windows, they appear to be warming up.

01:48Copy video clip URL These guys only handle one floor of the scoreboard: “Art’s upstairs.”

01:51Copy video clip URL The first man and O’Connor continue watching the game. Their conversation is somewhat muffled. They quiet down as there is action on the field, then O’Conner gets up to change the numbers from 2 to 3. The game continues with either man getting up periodically to change his side of the scoreboard. Conversation is often difficult to hear.

06:08Copy video clip URL Roger Wallenstein begins interviewing O’Connor and Bongiorno, who keep their backs to the camera as they watch the game. Bongiorno takes care of the Cubs score, and O’Connor handles the hits for both teams. Bongiorno explains: “Art upstairs runs the tickertape,” so he handles the top half of the National and American League scores when all the games are happening, and Bongiorno and O’Connor handle sides of the bottom League scores. At the time of taping, only a few games were being played simultaneously.

06:54Copy video clip URL Asked how he keeps track when the Cubs score but he must also change scores for the other games, Bongiorno answers, “The most important thing is there’s always one of us here to watch the game and the other ones put in the score.” This point is shown as O’Connor interrupts as a play happens at second base.

07:42Copy video clip URL Bongirno shows the clipboard where they track the other teams’ games for the scoreboard. The interview continues, discussing how long they’ve all been changing the scoreboard and what else they do at the ballpark.

11:13Copy video clip URL B-Roll of numbers not being used.

11:33Copy video clip URL The camera crew moves to the top floor of the scoreboard.

12:10Copy video clip URL Wallenstein begins interviewing Art Sagel, who describes his job duties, including making sure the numbers aren’t backward and the difficulties of contacting other places in the ballpark and scoreboard by phone.

15:40Copy video clip URL Sagel discusses short circuiting due to poor wiring and weather: “Sometimes we have two [fires] a day, three a day.” Sagel is remarkably cavalier about this, usually fixing the circuits and putting out the fires himself.

17:02Copy video clip URL Art gets a tickertape message.

19:03Copy video clip URL Tape suddenly ends.


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