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This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 Promo for DEF from WGBH/Boston.

2:00 “Herpes” by Charles Bennett. News report about new drug for treating Herpes and the implications of this cure for other viral infections. Interviews with doctors at Beth Israel Hospital.

5:20 Alexander Haig, new president of United Technologies, held press conference that day. This is unedited film footage of the conference. The audio levels are very low at times and the shots are often out of focus.

12:30 Political Ads by reporter Mackenzie Carpenter of WETA/Washington. Experts debate the influence of television ads on political campaigns. John Deerdorf, creator of Republican political television ads, and Bob Squire, creator of democratic ads, debate the issue. Paid advertisement by Eisenhower”, “Man from Abeline”. Marvin Churnoff speaks about the historical stages of types of political ads. Ad for Charles Percy. Discussion of use of cinema verite style adverti sing to influence character perception. Ad for Gerald Ford.

24:35 From Iowa PTV “Family Farm Structure” by Nancy Crowfoot. Family farms are “an endangered species.” Data about why this is true.

29:05 CBC Evening News (Live).

30:15 “Afghan Stox.” Story about U.S. military support of the Afghan government. Former President Amin speaks about Afghan-Soviet relations.

31:55 “Gold Demand”. Story about gold values and the relation to world currencies.

33:50 “TV Debate.” By Mark Phillips of CBC News. About the format of the debates for Canadian Prime Minister.

36:00 “U.K. Storms.” Story about flooding in Britain.

37:30 “Peacekeeping Troops.” John Humphrys of BBC News reports. Story about helicopter crash.

39:10 Mike Matthews of WGBY/Springfield Massachusetts reports on Haig. Edited version of the press conference with voice over.

45:20 PBS/DEF “Weath er Satellite.” Weather Report visuals for use by individual stations.

48:00 “Italy/Ski Jumping.” Audio in Italian.

50:00 “South Africa/UK Gold.” Same as “Gold Demand.”

51:30 “Afghanistan/Amin Overthrow.” Same as “Afghan Stox.”


53:05 “UK Storms Havoc.” Same as “UK Storms.”


54:25 “UK Clergymen Return.” No audio, just shots of men walking through airport.

55:15 “Rhodesia: Helicopter Crash.” Same as “Peacekeeping Troops.”


56:30 “Iran: PLO Spokesman.” Man discusses anniversaries of Iranian Revolution and Palestinian Revolution.

59:55 Images from news stories with one-sentence summaries. First few moments of new broadcaster giving story on Middle East.

60:54 End of Tape.



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