[Daley ribbon cutting United Center]

0:09Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a digital Chicago info booth. No audio. Move to two people driving in a car. 

1:13Copy video clip URL Audio starts. Footage of an air place. Cut to people at the United Center. Someone comes to the podium and thanks everyone for coming. Governor Jim Abrams speaks about opening the United Center. Another man speaks about the importance of the center. 

5:38Copy video clip URL Mayor Daley cuts the opening ribbon along with several other men. Footage of the men walking through the building and the press following. They talk about the stadium.

10:12Copy video clip URL Footage of airplane outside the Center. Cut to inside of the Center. Announcer introduces the stadium and ’96 sign. Announcer introduces a man who sings the National Anthem. Announcer introduces a man to lead an invocation.

15:38Copy video clip URL Cut to black. Open on people sitting together on couches and talking.

16:46Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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