[Dan Rostenkowski Congressional race 1994]

Dan Rostenkowski runs for reelection in the 1994 Congressional race, despite facing allegations of fraud and corruption.

0:01Copy video clip URL President Clinton supports (but does not formally endorse) Illinois representative Dan Rostenkowski in the 1994 Congressional race. There is currently a federal probe into his reported misuse of campaign and congressional funds, but Rostenkowski says little about the investigation.

2:26Copy video clip URL Rostenkowski is working with Clinton on health care reform. He meets with Dr. Whitney Addington, the head of primary care for a large Chicago hospital, and the visit helps Rostenkowski win Addington’s support. Addington is bothered by the allegations against Rostenkowski, but still thinks he is the best shot for getting much-needed systemic reform in health care.

4:32Copy video clip URL Dick Simpson, one of Rostenkowski’s opponents in the coming election, is campaigning in Chicago during a storm. Simpson says that his opponent is “ensconced with big money” and no longer campaigns himself. State senator John Cullerton, also running in the election, does not think Rostenkowski’s message will be very convincing. Rostenkowski’s campaign stops seem more geared towards cameras than voters, and he chronically fails to show up to debates. The criticism angers him and he says that it is his work in Washington which should count.

6:57Copy video clip URL Simpson has built his campaign on attacking Rostenkowski’s integrity. Simpson says that while Chicagoans were willing to forgive some of the former corruption, they cannot forgive the ghost payrollers and the Post Office Scandal. Mayor Richard Daley urged Rostenkowski to run again, despite the allegations.

8:38Copy video clip URL John O’Leary, a former Rostenkowski supporter, will not be voting for him again because he believes he is guilty of corruption. White ethnic voters like O’Leary have long been the base of his support, but his district was redrawn two years ago. John Cullerton has picked up support in the wealthier areas now included in the district. Polls show that either Cullerton or Simpson would have a good chance of beating Rostenkowski, but with his opposition divided, his backers say that he should be able to hold on to his seat.

11:42Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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