[David Duke Earth Day]

0:00 Outdoor picnic. Woman complains about single mothers who are on welfare. She says she goes to college and works and pays for herself. They are in Mississippi. They then talk about David Duke's birth control policies. They also say that Duke is also very willing to go out and talk to the people. They then say he is cute.

1:35Copy video clip URL The two women talk to Duke. He shakes hands with various others.

2:31Copy video clip URL A little boy talks about why he likes Duke. He says something about white boys and all races being free. Two other little kids talk about people who secretly like Duke but who won’t admit it because they might get beaten up. Then the girl says something about black people.

3:43Copy video clip URL David Duke blimp.

4:05Copy video clip URL Shots of the picnic. Then police officer yells at someone. A woman holds up the Confederate flag at some protesters. Four people protest across the street. A kid says that the protesters are calling them racist, but he wakes up white every morning and he likes it. Another man claims the protesters are hateful and says he is for peace. He says the protesters are mentally retarded. The protesters grow in number, holding signs.

6:24Copy video clip URL Bars and tone, black.

6:53Copy video clip URL Shots of crowds at rally. We talk to people in the crowd.

7:33Copy video clip URL Giant balloon painted to look like the Earth with banner saying ” Friends of the Earth.” We talk with people about the event. Another man talks about the conspiracy against hemp and its advantages. He claims you can even make fuel out of hemp and that it can grow in extremely harsh conditions. He says that there is no other renewable resource that even comes close to the fuel potential of hemp.

9:23Copy video clip URL Guy from the 90s interviews a cardboard cutout of George Bush about his environmental record. Eddie Becker on camera. We watch a newscaster do a report as our guy makes fun of him. Then we see a dancing skeleton called Liberty Bones and talk to its creator, Dr Galaxy, ambassador, Galactic Central. He requests a war on pollution with some of our military budget. Then he and a woman dance. He tries to convince a little girl to dance with him, but she won’t. Then he does his ecological rap, which is mainly just him talking randomly and rhyming occasionally.

14:36Copy video clip URL “Popeye the Sailor Man by Eddie Becker. At the Earth Day celebrations in Washington, D.C., Popeye joins the ecology movement. “I’m Popeye the sailor man, I recycle my spinach can…Anyone who pollutes the air, earth, or ocean is nothing more than a criminal!”

17:09Copy video clip URL Black.

17:41Copy video clip URL Signs say: “You are Now Entering Duke Country.” Little kid talks about why he supports Duke. He complains about welfare.

19:37Copy video clip URL Color bars.

19:55Copy video clip URL 90s opening. No sound.

20:32Copy video clip URL Bob Perry talks about Vietnam and Communism and astrology. He talks about how to influence a population through white and black propoganda, which appear to be good and bad propoganda. Phone rings and we cut. Then he talks about Nicaragua and how to influence the public to support or dislike a leader. He talks about Vietnam syndrome and the elimination of it under Reagan’s administration. This syndrome is a tendency to not support wars because Americans think that the same thing will happen as in Vietnam. He claims that the government gathered support for Reagan’s activities in South America by not allowing negative press, through getting reporters and journalists fired or reassigned. Talks for a long time about the situation in Nicaragua.

38:25Copy video clip URL Perry shifts his seat. He then talks about the Nicaraguans he knows and their political views. He then talks about the use of focus groups in developing campaign themes and how to marginalize a political opponent. Then he answers the phone.

44:49Copy video clip URL Perry returns and talks further about how politicians will inevitably make certain mistakes and if their opponents know how to ridicule them, their careers can be effectively ruined. He says on the converse, that if no one is there to seize on your mistakes, you can really make as many as you want to without any trouble.

51:27Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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