Decca Dance

An image processing video, in which images of dancers are manipulated and distorted with video effects.

00:30Copy video clip URL Decca Dance begins, a rhythmic beat on the soundtrack with kaleidoscopic effects on screen. Music from Pink Floyd’s album The Dark Side of the Moon plays. Dancers slowly become visible, their image manipulated and distorted through video effects.  

13:30Copy video clip URL Audio credits: Concept by Pat Lehman. Dancers: Stephanie Austin, Darlene Smotherin, Charles Smith, and Thomas Milton. Camera people: Pat Lehman, Gary McCloud. Video Special Effects by Miriam Mayorak with Michael McDonough. Editing by Debbie Dorsey and Susan Yoo. 

15:24Copy video clip URL A soundstage, where a video camera is recording preparations. 

17:20Copy video clip URL People staring into the camera in close-up.

17:40Copy video clip URL Camera set-up and testing. 

20:04Copy video clip URL More camera set-up. 




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