[Delta Blues Guitar Workshop #1 1/14/84]

Onstage discussion with Barry Dolins, James Williamson, and David Edwards about Delta blues guitar playing.

00:03Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Barry Dolins and James Williamson warming up their guitars onstage. People in the audience sit and watch, and many of them hold guitars.

2:31Copy video clip URL Dolins says that it’s time to start the program. A third man, David Edwards, comes onstage. Dolins speaks a minute about learning to play and about the two musicians onstage. Williamson and Edwards play some basic rhythms. Edwards sings.

9:17Copy video clip URL Song ends. Dolins talks about his experience learning guitar. Edwards speaks about learning to play guitar when he was young. Williamson speaks about musical influences that affected him. Dolins asks him what was most difficult to learn, and he says it was learning to use all of his fingers in conjunction. Edwards talks about the keys that are traditionally used.

18:21Copy video clip URL Tape ends.

[Continued in tape 19423].



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