[Delta Blues Guitar Workshop #2 1/14/84]

Onstage discussion with Barry Dolins, James Williamson, and David Edwards about Delta blues guitar playing. [Continuation of Tape 19422].

00:01Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Barry Dolins, James Williamson, and David Edwards sitting onstage. Dolins talks about the transition from banjo music to guitar music. Williamson talks about different tuning styles and plays a few notes. Both musicians play a few scattered rhythms. They transition into a song.

9:33Copy video clip URL Song ends. Dolin asks the audience if they have any questions. Low audio. Cut to Dolins talking about the blues in comparison to gospel music. Shots of the audience. Williamson talks about why he plays the blues. 

14:14Copy video clip URL Williamson begins to play again briefly. Dolins asks them how their families felt about them playing the blues. Edwards says that he had a musical family, and that they were happy he learned to play. Dolins asks Edwards to play. He begins a song.

18:30Copy video clip URL Cut to black mid-song. 

18:33Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 

[Continued in Tape 19424].



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