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Promotional showreel for The 90s. Clips from various episodes plus press quotes praising the show.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:15Copy video clip URL The 90s show opener, title sequence. Voice-over; “This is the nineties an exciting new national TV series. It’s people places and ideas from all over the world. “ Press quotes from reviews of “The 90s.”

00:58Copy video clip URL Begins a collection of clips from various episodes. A video journalist documents students marching on Tiananmen Square. Footage of the protestors in the square.

01:21Copy video clip URL Footage at sea of US Naval vessels from a segment called Greenpeace Operation and the test launch of a Trident II missile.

01:36Copy video clip URL A street vender in Thailand cooks food and tosses it into the air, and then tosses the food several feet from his frying pan to another frying pan held by his partner.

01:55Copy video clip URL Title card: “Television that quickens the pulse and moves the mind. — Chicago Tribune.”

02:03Copy video clip URL An actor satirically lists common sayings of the time; “Go ahead make my day!” “The check is in the mail.” “Leave a message when you hear the beep.”  “I’m okay, you’re okay”, “Honk if you love Jesus.” “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.” “Reach out and touch someone.” “You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.” “Have a nice day.”

02:22Copy video clip URL Los Angeles man reads his poem into a microphone; “Now the good job is gone / My wife and kids, I’ll never find / And my life is spent looking for food every day, from line to line.”

03:06Copy video clip URL Satirical music video commenting on the superficiality of the era and the self-righteousness of the yuppie. “It’s how you look, not how you feel / Time for another low cal meal …. It’s what you have, not who you are / No plain ice cream, I want a dove bar.”

03:47Copy video clip URL Title card: “The 90s promises that television can be a window on reality instead of a distorting lens. — Baltimore City Paper.”

03:56Copy video clip URL Interview with Erika Becker about cerebral palsy. Erika: “before I had my operation, I would walk really crooked and funny, and people would laugh at me, and I would get really hurt so I had this operation to make me walk straighter.”

04:44Copy video clip URL Man is interviewed about his neighborhood in Washington D.C.: “It’s a hard neighborhood to survive. Not because of drugs and all. It’s because of unemployment, housing conditions, hunger. All these things compressed together can really put a man into a very, very hostile state of mind.”

05:26Copy video clip URL Chicago police officer at a prochoice rally instructs demonstrators that the rally is over. He then tells the camera man to get out of his face.

05:39Copy video clip URL Outtake of President Richard Nixon telling a photographer to stop taking pictures of him.

06:05Copy video clip URL Title card: “The 90s is proof there may very well be a better use for TV. –Los Angeles Daily News.”

06:13Copy video clip URL Time-lapse photography of flowers set to operatic music, plus a fun music video with a western theme, “Yippi, yippi, yo” followed by a 1989 Clio Award-winning commercial in which a man is rendered in various forms of art. There is also a short political commercial promoting Eisenhower for President and a clip from a music video “Life is Life”.

07:10Copy video clip URL A promotional tag: “In The 90s all kinds of life are reflected every week. It’s informative, original, and it’s growing.”

07:28Copy video clip URL Black.

07:36Copy video clip URL END



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