Diary of a Documentary

0:03Copy video clip URL Color bars. 

2:09Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a montage of various people taking photo and video in different locations. Title Page: “Diary of a Documentary: Chicago in the Year 2000.”

4:08Copy video clip URL Gary Comer introduces himself to a bus of 60-70 photographers of different genres and explains the idea and motivations of this project. He talks about his desire to capture the image of the city in the millennium year. Richard Cahan explains his involvement and feelings about the project. They explain the logistical aspects of the project and the archive they want to create.

6:25Copy video clip URL The planning group for the project sit and speculate about the way that the project will go. Some still images. They begin the process each film roll will be put through on January 1, 2000. Footage of a large crowd in the gallery space. 

8:42Copy video clip URL Footage of one photographer, Jim Iska, working. Interview and footage of Jon Lowenstein working.  

11:40Copy video clip URL Planning committee talks with some of the photographers. Footage of film equipment. They talk about preserving the photos. Footage of another photographer working to take photos of meter maids. More footage of Comer talking to photographers. 

18:00Copy video clip URL Camera follows Alex Fradkin. Footage of the planning committee. Camera follows Kevin Horan. 

23:30Copy video clip URL Neighborhood map created by one of the photographers. Footage of a parade promoting education with Zbigniew Bzdak. He documents choirs performing in various churches.

27:10Copy video clip URL Carlos Ortiz photographs people at an air show. Robert A. Davis photographs people jumping off a high dive. He takes photos at a family party. Still images from different aspects of the project. People looking at film negatives.

31:30Copy video clip URL Leah Missbach takes photos in a foster home for young mothers. Footage of film processing and looking at the finished photos.

36:20Copy video clip URL Footage with photographer Scott Strazzante. Reviewing of finished photos in the gallery. 

40:25Copy video clip URL Wes Pope takes pinhole camera photos and sketches. He explains the project to a crowd people to ask for volunteers for him to photograph. Planning committee footage.

44:53Copy video clip URL Footage with photographer who is working with Polaroids. Committee talking to photographers.

48:00Copy video clip URL A man plays guitar. Another photographer uses a press camera.

50:58Copy video clip URL Footage of a photographer at a swim meet.

53:30Copy video clip URL Robert Murphy shoots from roofs around the city. Committee talks to photographers.

55:50Copy video clip URL Antonio Perez photographs at a bar and in Latino communities. Photos at the headquarters.

58:25Copy video clip URL Footage with Yvette Dostatni. More stills of the process and equipment. Preparation for the final gallery show. Discussion with photographers and interviewers. Montage of different photos and processes. 

1:05:14Copy video clip URL Credits. Fade to black.

1:06:48Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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