Different Strokes for Different Folks – Channel 2

One channel of the two-channel video installation Different Strokes for Different Folks, by Ann Volkes and Susan Milano. The installation mocks and critiques attitudes towards pornography.

00:14Copy video clip URL Footage of signs, storefronts, and marquees of sex shops and porno theaters in Times Square and the surrounding area. 

03:17Copy video clip URL Videomaker Ann Volkes picks up adult magazines from a Times Square newsstand. 

03:44Copy video clip URL Volkes on the phone, calling men who advertise in the back pages of Screw, to ask if they’ll masturbate on camera for her art video for $15. The video is for the Erotic Video exhibition at Global Village, she explains. The men she speaks to turn her down quickly. 

05:29Copy video clip URL Claudia Queen, who’s just arrived, calls a male friend who agrees immediately. They talk more about the video and catch up with each other a bit. 

08:39Copy video clip URL The man, wearing only a leather jacket, masturbates on a couch. No sound. 

09:28Copy video clip URL Interview with a bearded man on the street, who talks about pornographic films he’s watched that shocked or disgusted him, including films that involved horses. 

10:20Copy video clip URL Another man talks about the first time he saw a porn film. 

11:07Copy video clip URL Another man talks about Deep Throat being the porn film that “topped them all.” 

11:18Copy video clip URL A man in a suit asserts that youths “are subjected to the most hardcore” pornography, and links that to “barbarism, and a primitive, basal drive.” 

11:58Copy video clip URL The masturbator continues. 

17:12Copy video clip URL End credits: Interviewer: Ann Volkes. Camera: Susan Milano. Opening interview: Tracy Fitz, Barbara Jabaily, Charity Paul. Special thanks to: Larry Milligan and Claudia Queen, Women’s Interart Center, What’s On Tonight? Editing, Post-Production Facilities Provided by Electronic Arts Intermix, Inc.



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