Doing The Dishes

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0:00 Black.

0:15 Introduction to the year 1992. We hear about the Rodney King beating and subsequent riots. We learn that Bill Clinton was campaigning for president and about the popularity of the Larry King show. We see Pat Robertson on the Larry King Show. We see the satellite feed of Robertson during the commercial break. He calls the previous caller a “homo” after he asked whether he would let a pro-choice person be part of his party. We learn that anyone with a dish could have picked this up. We then learn the difference between regular TV and the satellite feed. We see George Bush Sr on the Larry King Show and hear the satellite feed. He asks whether Saddam Hussein is watching then right now. They talk about Halcion, a drug which has since been taken off the market. We then learn about the satellite “whistle stops” done in the White House. We see Barbara Bush saying the same things to different TV stations around the country. “I would remind you that all of us awaken, every single day, to a safer, freer world because of George Bush.” Then we learn why and how the satellites are used by the networks. The videomaker describes how he managed to record over 500 h ours of satellite feeds. We see Larry King telling Bill Clinton that Ted Turner will “serve” him after he is elected. We see Bush and Clinton separately telling supporters that they want a debate. Clinton wants to arrange a debate on Larry King with live callers to ask questions. Clinton and Gore go on Larry King. We see how dramatically King complements whoever he’s talking to. We see him doing it to Clinton/Gore, then Bush, then Perot.

13:30 End of tape.



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