[Ilinois political candidate ads 1979-1982 by Don Rose]

Illinois political candidate advertisements from 1979 - 1982. Candidates include Jane Byrne for Mayor, Jim Edgar for Secretary of State, Neil Hartigan for Attorney General, Bernard Carey for Cook County State's Attorney, Seymour Simon for Illinois Supreme Court, and an ad for a team of lawyers running for Illinois Appellate Court.

00:10Copy video clip URL Don Rose Communications.

00:18Copy video clip URL Title Screen for Jane Byrne advertisements, 1979.

00:23Copy video clip URL Advertisement during the primaries for Jane Byrne for Mayor, with voiceover by Richard M. Daley.

00:54Copy video clip URL Second ad for Byrne, featuring people in the community talking about problems in the community, mostly about the recent calamitous snowstorm of 1979.

01:26Copy video clip URL Third ad, with Jane Byrne herself, citing her experience with former Mayor Richard J. Daley. “Nothing seems to be working the way it used to.”

01:57Copy video clip URL Title screens for Jim Edgar, 1982

02:05Copy video clip URL Advertisement for Edgar for Secretary of State, talking about corruption.

02:36Copy video clip URL Ad for Edgar, talking about the new drunk driving law.

03:07Copy video clip URL Ad for Edgar, in which he talks about his work for mandatory auto insurance.

03:39Copy video clip URL Neil Hartigan Title Screen, 1982

03:44Copy video clip URL Hartigan election ad, running for attorney general, lists all of his experience in government.

04:14Copy video clip URL Second ad for Hartigan, seated at a lawyer’s desk, discussing the allocation of tax dollars. “When you really need a friend in government, Neil Hartigan is on your side.”

04:46Copy video clip URL Bernard Carey title screen, 1980

04:48Copy video clip URL Carey for Cook County State’s Attorney reelection: “Because he’s a professional, not a politician.”

05:26Copy video clip URL Second Carey ad with statistics on a reduced crime rate under Carey.

05:57Copy video clip URL Seymour Simon Title Screens, 1980

06:04Copy video clip URL Seymour Simon for the Illinois Supreme Court, has “supreme qualifications.”

06:36Copy video clip URL Sawyer, Duff, Waltz title screens, 1980

06:43Copy video clip URL Ad for a team of lawyers – Sawyer, Duff, Waltz- running for the Illinois Appellate Court.

07:14Copy video clip URL Don Rose Communications / 1340 E. Madison Park / Chicago, Illinois



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