Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again! Rally

Raw footage inside the UIC Pavilion before/after Trump postponed his March 11, 2016, rally in Chicago.

0:00Copy video clip URL Title: “Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again! Rally / Chicago, Illinois / Friday, March 11, 2016 / shot on iPad 3 from center of second row in section 109 / by Bill Stamets”

0:08Copy video clip URL 5: 37 PM “Let him stay” chanted by crowd to a man who has come to protest. People curse into the camera.

1:50Copy video clip URL 5: 39 PM: Footage of the crowd.

2:09Copy video clip URL 5: 47 PM: Footage of the crowd.

3:25Copy video clip URL 5: 50 PM: Footage of the crowd.

3:49Copy video clip URL 5: 51 PM: Police escort a man from the stadium. Crowd boos him.

4:24Copy video clip URL 5: 53 PM: Footage of crowd booing.

4:48Copy video clip URL 5: 54 PM: Footage of attendees yelling at each other. Crowd grows more aggressive. Police walk around.

6:40Copy video clip URL 5: 57 PM: Police corral the crowds. People yelling.

7:14Copy video clip URL 5: 59 PM: Protestors.

7:39Copy video clip URL 6: 01 PM: Protestors being escorted out by police.

8:18Copy video clip URL 6: 03 PM: Footage of the crowd. Police escort protestors.

9:19Copy video clip URL 6: 07 PM: Crowd chanting.

9:44Copy video clip URL 6: 34 PM: People yelling and running around. Yelling.

14:14Copy video clip URL 6: 39 PM: Chanting and yelling.

15:33Copy video clip URL 6: 40 PM: Police restrain a man.

16:22Copy video clip URL 6: 43 PM: Footage of the crowd.

16:35Copy video clip URL 6: 43 PM: Footage of the crowd singing a Kendrick Lamar song.

17:17Copy video clip URL 6: 47 PM: Chanting.

17:27Copy video clip URL 6: 53 PM: Loudspeaker tells people to exit.

17:48Copy video clip URL End credits.



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