Downsville TV

An example of early cable casting in upstate New York, this tape provides glimpse at work and play in the rural town of Downsville.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a black screen.

00:16Copy video clip URL Fade into a shot of a vast open countryside sprinkled with a thin layer of snow. Tranquil piano melodies float in the background as clips from around the town are cross cut into the intro for the program. The audio is fairly poor throughout this portion of the tape.

01:36Copy video clip URL Inside a community television station. One of the videomakers explains their process of “cable casting” into the town of Downsville, NY. This lasts for several minutes.

04:09Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from a line dancing event in the town. This is then followed by a musical performance from a group of residents. An older man dances atop a picnic table providing the musicians with a steady beat.

05:38Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a group of carpenters working on a project. A man named George Carl chisels stone. One of his fellow co-workers states that Carl is the “oldest stone cutter left around the country.” We watch as the men continue to work on the project. This lasts for several minutes.

08:58Copy video clip URL A local resident entertains a group of people with his quirky music. This is followed by footage from a parade which lasts for several minutes.

12:39Copy video clip URL Cut back to footage of a muggy countryside. The videomaker gathers various shots of the the greenery in the area. This is followed by more footage of the local residents performing for a crowd. The older man continues to keep a steady beat as the crowd cheers the musicians on.

15:34Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from a demolition derby. We watch as a slew of cars circle the track, creating a cloud of dust that permeates over the entire area. Derby cars slam into one another for several minutes.

17:57Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from a wood mill in Downsville. Videomaker Elon Soltes interviews an employee about what the wood is used for. The company sells and ships the raw stock, which goes all over the country. The employee also says that Downsville is one of the best hard wood regions in the country. When asked if there is any land management taking place, the employee states that there are no real efforts to re-cultivate the area. He also talks about the condemnation the company and its employees receive because of their work.

25:10Copy video clip URL A group of people swim in a spring in the town. This is followed by footage of a man working on his farm. One of the videomakers interviews the man about his job and how he came to be a farmer. The camera operator also gathers footage from around the area.

29:52Copy video clip URL Cut back to footage of the quirky musician performing for the camera. This is followed by the end credits.

31:13Copy video clip URL Tape ends.


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  1. Timothy Walker says:

    My mother was raised in Downsville. My uncle Neil Cable is at about the twenty eight minute mark on this video. Where did you get this? I would like to know if they also have footage of my grandfather, Bob Cable?????

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