Dr. Lotter #2

Raw tape.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape starts in the middle of conversation with Dr. Lotter. They talk about how hardworking the people of Chicago are.

00:51Copy video clip URL Lotter explains what a chemical peel is. A strong chemical is applied, the skin dies and comes off, and then new skin grows in. The new skin does not have any wrinkles.

02:06Copy video clip URL Lotter explains how to get best results – this involves first face and next lift, then upper and lower eyelids, then wait a few weeks, then chemical peel. She says some people don’t need the chemical peel, but these are usually men. Men apparently don’t wrinkle as much because their skin is thicker. She says that about 50 percent of her patients take her advice and do the chemical peel, but it does add about $1000. A complete facelift with eyelids is $2850. She says that in California, it would be between $5-7000, but there is less demand in Chicago.

05:10Copy video clip URL Tom asks how the surgeries impact the patients. Lotter says there is a significant psychological benefit in the majority of the cases. She says it is this psychological benefit that is the surgeon’s reward. She says the nose job is the most beneficial job done in this country since the nose has the greatest psychological link.

07:23Copy video clip URL Lotter says she does about a dozen surgeries a week. She says if she had a choice, she would do noses only, because she feels she does them the best and that they have the greatest benefit.

08:15Copy video clip URL Lotter talks about how noses are chosen. She explains that she cannot make a nose look like absolutely anything, the possible shapes depend on the patient’s face and bone structure. She says she has never made the same nose twice. She says she does not operate on a patient if she senses any hesitation. She says that she has never really gotten any negative responses from nose job patients, but facelifts are different, because people still might not like their faces.

11:31Copy video clip URL Lotter says that to be a plastic surgeon, one should be certified in one of three areas. She is certified in ear, nose, and throat. She mentions an article about her in a magazine that jump started her career. She says that the media changed her career – she used to only do ears, nose and throat (not plastic surgery, just health).

13:38Copy video clip URL Lotter says that some plastic surgeons don’t have a specialization, which means five years study after a MD, and it is these doctors that give plastic surgeons a bad name.

15:23Copy video clip URL Lotter responds to question about her reaction to negative portrayals of her in the media. She says that body plastic surgeons have a vendetta against everyone else doing plastic surgery, even though there are three are as of specialization that qualify one to be a plastic surgery that make one capable.

17:22Copy video clip URL Tape ends in the middle of conversation.



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