Dr. Lotter #3

Raw tape.

00:00Copy video clip URL Conversation with Dr. Lotter. Tom asks what she could say to the public to clear up misconceptions about plastic surgery. She says that the only problems that happen in plastic surgery happen when a patient loses faith and leaves their doctor. She says that almost everything that goes wrong during plastic surgery can be repaired. When one has a problem and goes to another doctor to correct complications, they are harder to correct, and the patient usually ends up suing the first doctor and causing lots of problems for everyone.

01:45Copy video clip URL Lotter talks about how male cosmetic surgeons are uncomfortable around her, especially at meetings. She says they make sexist remarks towards her because they are threatened. She says part of this is because they realize that both men and women are more comfortable with women doctors.

03:21Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg asks about the skin care products. She says that she used to send her patients to a salon for products but that it was embarrassing for them because they were still healing from surgery. She likes being able to tailor her product kits to specific patients with specific directions. She says that skin after chemical peels or surgery are very delicate and require special products.

04:56Copy video clip URL Lotter talks about a procedure with an invisible incision. She says only a few doctors do this procedure because it is much more difficult, but that this procedure has no scars. They go in from the ear instead of cutting through the skin.

06:19Copy video clip URL Dr. Lotter signs her name on a paper for the camera. Lotter says she has had plastic surgery, and that makes her patients more comfortable.

07:36Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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