[Politics of Intimacy: Dr. Mary Jane Sherfey 1]

Dr. Mary Jane Sherfey is a psychiatrist and the author of The Nature and Evolution of Female Sexuality. In this tape, she is interviewed by videomaker Julie Gustafson for her documentary THE POLITICS OF INTIMACY. 

01:00Copy video clip URL Dr. Sherfey describes what happens physiologically during orgasm. 

04:20Copy video clip URL Dr. Sherfey attempts to describe the sensation of orgasm, likening it to seeing an elephant and learning to swim, before focusing on physical sensations. She’s interrupted by a phone call. 

07:07Copy video clip URL Dr. Sherfey draws a diagram to illustrate the build-up and development of orgasm. 

10:38Copy video clip URL Dr. Sherfey does not think it’s possible to be overstimulated, but that it is possible to “miss one’s timing.”

12:38Copy video clip URL Dr. Sherfey says that the more orgasms a woman has, the more that she can have.

14:55Copy video clip URL The differences between male and female orgasm, and the clash “between anatomy and society.”

17:30Copy video clip URL The difficulties of sex being so closely tied to reproduction and the effects of having children on sexual stimulation. 

20:22Copy video clip URL Discussion of women who do not have orgasms. 

22:37Copy video clip URL The possibility of women having orgasms without being aware of it. 

23:37Copy video clip URL Are orgasms everything they’re cracked up to be? 

25:07Copy video clip URL The differences between vaginal and clitoral orgasms, and the links between other kinds of stimulation and orgasm.

29:55Copy video clip URL Discussion of how orgasm is caused in anatomical terms and the “myth of the vaginal orgasm.”



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