[Politics of Intimacy: Dr. Mary Jane Sherfey 2]

Dr. Mary Jane Sherfey is a psychiatrist and the author of The Nature and Evolution of Female Sexuality. In this tape, she is interviewed by videomaker Julie Gustafson for the documentary THE POLITICS OF INTIMACY. 

01:22Copy video clip URL Director Julie Gustafson prepares Dr. Sherfey for the shoot, then asks her to clarify her assertion that women don’t orgasm because of inadequate stimulation.

02:43Copy video clip URL Dr. Sherfey discusses the psychological aspects of orgasm for women, especially the inability to relax during intercourse. 

03:45Copy video clip URL American men aren’t taught to provide women with adequate stimulation.

05:11Copy video clip URL More on the psychological aspects of orgasm and how women don’t get adequate stimulation because American men aren’t good lovers.

07:53Copy video clip URL The differences in men’s attitudes to sex between cultures, including an Italian man whose first sexual experience was in a brothel. Learning about sex from an experienced sex worker would teach him better technique.

11:15Copy video clip URL Bragging about sex being a major part of American male adolescent culture. Focus on quantity rather than quality. 

12:50Copy video clip URL Questions about distinctions between Mediterranean/European and Latin American male cultures.

15:07Copy video clip URL Question about problems in technique that men are not aware of. The necessity for men to maintain an erection for longer than they are accustomed to, and techniques to achieve this.

19:22Copy video clip URL The need for communication about sex between partners. Younger generations speak a bit more openly about sex. 

24:29Copy video clip URL Physical impediments to orgasm. The pause before orgasm. 

28:33Copy video clip URL The question of whether women making love with women is more stimulating than women making love with men. Dr. Sherfey says that women are more knowledgeable about what pleasures women and that female partners find it easier to openly communicate with each other. Discussion of vaginal versus clitoral orgasms.



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