[Mario Cuomo headquarters Chicago January 18, 1992]

Footage of the Mario Cuomo for President Chicago headquarters, where staffers work to strategize their efforts towards the New Hampshire primary.

0:06Copy video clip URL Camera opens on signs promoting Mario Cuomo for president in Cuomo’s Chicago campaign office. Audio cuts in; chatter from people working. Footage of people writing letters. 

4:30Copy video clip URL A man explains why they are right now focused on the state of New Hampshire and offers advice about the state and campaign. 

8:40Copy video clip URL A woman comes up and talks about meeting a woman with a brother who shares a name with Governor Mario Cuomo. She introduces him to the crowd and he speaks about why he came to help. The speakers continue to offer advice about the letters and Cuomo. They ask for questions.

14:13Copy video clip URL The woman reads from a biography about Cuomo. They read some letters that have already been written. Various people come up to explain why they are supporting Cuomo. 

23:40Copy video clip URL The college student Mario Cuomo talks about being an actor and how it interacts with politics. 

31:26Copy video clip URL Another letter is read. Footage of people writing. 

32:57Copy video clip URL Another man is interviewed about why he has come to work on the campaign. He talks about why he thinks the letters will work, and other civic work he does. Another letter is read.

37:40Copy video clip URL They talk to another man about the mission of this campaign and why he supports Cuomo. 

44:08Copy video clip URL Footage around the campaign office. A former State Chairman for the Democratic party in Illinois talks about the campaign and Cuomo. He discusses what kind of Vice Presidential candidate he would need. 

52:00Copy video clip URL Another letter is read. 

53:41Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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