Dragons of God

Documentary about the White Supremacy.

1:17Copy video clip URL Channel 5 news special. Anti-white forces of a satanic society.

1:51Copy video clip URL John MacCallum from south suburban Chicago, is interviewed. He speaks on his experience being a target due to his interracial marriage.

2:38Copy video clip URL Sid Row is interviewed. He speaks on about his experience targeted for being Jewish by who he believes is the Arian nations. A group of far right people who practice hate on minorities.

3:55Copy video clip URL Dragons of God segment begins. Carol Marin states that the FBI opened an investigation against so called Dragons of God. She claims to have obtained confidential reports about the story.

5:08Copy video clip URL Thomas Rob a pastor in Harris, Arkansas is shown leading a church service. He is also a national leader and Chaplin for the Ku Klux Klan.

6:15Copy video clip URL Thomas Rob preaches that the chosen people of God are white and so was God’s son Jesus.

6:49Copy video clip URL A map is shown of leaders location throughout the nation.

8:09Copy video clip URL Domestic Terrorism according to the FBI. Bombing bridges, Sewers and utility systems. Sabotaging highways and water supplies. Creating chaos in urban ghetto areas. Assassinating elected officials, judges and officers of law.  

9:12Copy video clip URL Richard Wayne Snell, patriot, speaks. Christian Patriots Defense League, leader John Bob Harold preaches racial separation and survivalism.

10:05Copy video clip URL Russel Welsh, investigator on the Snell case, interviewed.

11:15Copy video clip URL Murder of Louis Bryant.

14:19Copy video clip URL The west and the south were not the only places where people joined the movement. Woman speaks about her son who joined in Cicero, Chicago.

17:48Copy video clip URL Gary Yarbrough and Gary Kellas, white supremacists.

19:50Copy video clip URL Arc Jones interviewed.

23:05Copy video clip URL Using television to market the message to mainstream America. 

25:48Copy video clip URL End of tape.





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